Sea Boss Health And Wellness Charters

Sea Boss Health and Wellness Charters.

Onboard Sea Boss we often get families or groups of people who vacation a lot and while they want pampering, luxury, high end, all inclusive service sometimes they also want to maintain their healthy lifestyle. Its not necessarily the one week a year where you can over indulge 24/7. For some lucky people they travel and vacation for many weeks of the year.

These are the people who are often asking me to cut down on portion sizes or have asked to eat a certain diet or even to adapt the charter for an early morning run each day.

In the last few years it has also started to become popular to book a vacation where the focus of the vacation is to get fit and healthy or stay fit and healthy. Sometimes these vacations are called health and wellness/fitness retreats but generally guests are signing up to a vacation that relies on trainers and tutors who will make sure a certain level of activity and restriction in energy consumption is achieved.

That’s why we would like to start offering ‘Sea Boss Health and Wellness Charters.’

What Can We Offer?

We are lucky that on Sea Boss we can offer a Health and Wellness style vacation in paradise while guests can still enjoy the elements of paradise around them such as nature, beaches, entertainment, sunsets, snorkeling, gourmet food, lobster on the beach… the list goes on and on.

Guests can relax knowing that every meal is purposefully healthful, low fat, low sugar, high in fresh foods and proteins, portion sizes are relative and further still each meal can be adapted to specific dietary requirements where necessary.

With regards to exercise and activity the beauty is incorporating as much exercise within fun activities. paddle boarding, snorkeling adventures, hiking, beach Pilates, or even learning a new sport like kite boarding or surfing.

For guests who are more interested in structured exercise there is an exercise bike and other fitness equipment on Sea Boss that Laura can coach them to utilize.

The crew will not only provide an all inclusive experience of healthy meals, cocktails and snacks every day but they will guide guests through their activities, motivating them every step of the way and making it ultra fun. Captain Nathan will design an itinerary based on guests interests, requests and some of his inside knowledge of the area and activities available.

Have Fun, and Get Fit!

The best thing about this type of vacation is that it can still be very bespoke, dependent on each group. And while guests are maintaining their healthy lifestyle and maybe even aiming to increase their fitness and/or lose weight, they will also be having the absolute time of their lives.

The only requirement to book this type of vacation is that the entire group need to be committed to it. Therefore it will not be appropriate for children under the age of 18.

Our Health and Wellness charters cost no extra than a regular charter even though we are providing our Health and Fitness expertise in addition to our usual charter experience.

Laura is not only a very experienced yacht chef but she has BTEC National Diploma in Sports Science, which includes vast knowledge of the human body, nutrition,

and the effects of exercise. She is qualified in many types of group exercise and is also a qualified personal trainer. Her experience and qualifications in the industry also extend to GP Referral and Back Pain work.

She has enjoyed creating, cooking and making healthy recipes and alternative to all sorts of food her whole life and would love to share this with her guests

who appreciate clean, nutritious, healthy eating.

This charter is not for the faint hearted or those who are just starting out on their health and fitness journey. This charter is for groups of people who want to stay fit, get fit, take care of their health and their bodies, enjoy great fresh and healthy food AND have an amazing charter experience in the BVI’s.

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