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Who We Are and What We Offer

  • Fully-Crewed Yacht Charter Vacations
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Crewed Yacht Vacations

There are few experiences as memorable and awe-inspiring as a crewed yacht charter vacation. You might find yourself traversing the Arctic Ocean on a luxury megayacht or on a relaxing sail through the Caribbean with your close friends and family. The possibilities are nearly endless: your yacht charter can be shaped to fit your ideal experience. A crewed yacht charter vacation can be fun, energetic, relaxing, adventurous, tranquil, active, private, luxurious, sporty, zen, or some combination that only you can truly know.

Part of the beauty of a yacht charter vacation is in the customizability. Our knowledgeable brokers can help you design your ideal charter, whether on a luxury yacht, power yachts, sailboats, or catamarans — all with crew. We have charters in the most beautiful and interesting places in the world, and by taking careful stock of your needs, we can create the perfect yacht charter for you. You may design your yacht charter as long or short as you like, begin any day of the week, and create an itinerary that appeals to your group and suits your convenience.

Mega Yacht Charters

There’s no more luxurious was to travel than on your very own chartered Mega Yacht. Regency represents fully-crewed Mega Yachts that sail all over the world, and we can help you select the perfect yacht, location, and time of year for your trip. We charter both powered and sail mega yacht and super yachts, so you can choose the Style and budget that sounds best to you.

Mid-range sailing and power yachts reposition seasonally, so you will be able to enjoy good weather and smooth seas no matter what time of year you’re planning your trip. The Caribbean tends to be the most popular destination with the Mediterranean Sea a close second, but there are a myriad of other beautiful destinations available and awaiting your arrival. Yachts charter at a variety of price points, but the Caribbean is unique by offering inclusive and competitive charter rates, which makes this the most popular area for yacht charters.

Experienced Staff

Regency Yacht Vacations, Ltd. has been helping clients’ with yacht chartering (and helping buyers find the right yacht with crew for purchase) since 1983. We know the yachts and we know the crews, so you can trust us to help you build the best possible yacht charter for you. The yacht owners we work with value our depth of experience in managing charters, and we pride ourselves on maintaining healthy working relationships with our charter crews. We work to stay up-to-date on any and all information on our charters to ensure that we always have the latest and most pertinent information.

Mediterranean, Caribbean, and BVI Yacht Charters

Set your course for the vacation experience of a lifetime on a crewed yacht charter while we at Regency Yacht Charters take care of all the details. We give careful attention to the individual needs of each of our clients, so we can help them build their ideal luxury yacht charter BVI and beyond. Every person that we work with is unique and has distinctive desires, so we work to find charters that reflect the unique needs and goals of every traveler. We offer luxury Yacht Charters & Vacations Worldwide for the following locations: Alaska, Australia, Bahamas, Croatia, Florida, Greece, Leeward Islands, Mexico, Naples & Sicily, French Riviera, Corsica and Sardinia, Spain & Balearics, Turkey, Virgin Islands, Windward Islands, BVI, Grenadines, New England, on board luxury Motor Yachts, Catamaran and Sailing Yachts. Call, chat online, or email and let us know what you have in mind for your next yacht vacation.