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Find the Charter with Friends Yacht Charter Perfect for You

Enjoy an exciting trip with your closest friends.

Spacious and comfortable accommodations available.

Enjoy time with friends, but not on top of them when chartering several yachts together, perfect for extended families.

Spend Quality Time with Your Closest Friends

What’s even more fun than a couple’s vacation? A tandem couples’ vacation, of course! You  can now experience everything the world has to offer, all while accompanied by your dearest friends. Enjoy every luxury afforded by a chartered yacht, while strengthening your friendships through the power of travel.

When planning a trip for a large group, there can be many challenges in trying to plan your itinerary. While you may want to get out and see the sights, your friends may be interested in enjoying a lovely meal or some relaxation time. Chartering a yacht is the perfect vacation, because yacht charters offer the freedom to choose from a wide variety of activities and locations, and if your group want to enjoy the beach while your friends want to wakeboard, that’s fine! Your charter captain can work out a way for your groups of yachts to enjoy your respective activities and meet up later either onboard or ashore. The yachts in your tandem charter can all be similar (sister ships in the sailing ling) or very different, power yacht for grandparents, sporty catamaran for the grandkids.

Trip Planning

Planning a yacht charter to some beautiful and faraway destination is an exciting prospect. We spend a great deal of time finding the perfect destination for you, and the more information we have to work with, the better. In order to match you with the perfect trip, we’ll need as much information on your wants as you can give, and this especially applies when planning a trip for two couples.

We love planning group trips because of how we’ve seen yacht charters truly bring people together. When you’re travelling with friends, you might feel worried that there will be so much compromise that no one will get what they really want from the trip. We work hard to make sure that this won’t be the case. If you’re clear about your trip goals, we can make even most seemingly intangible goal a reality, so go ahead and ask about that obscure travel tip you felt was too out of the way. We’ll find a way to get you there while ensuring an incredible group experience.

A Wide Variety of Available Charters

No matter whether you’re looking to share a small ship sailing for adventure or a megayacht taking the scenic route through the Caribbean, we work with charters of all different sizes, so we can find the right fit for you. Our charters include ships from builders experienced in luxury, including Lurssen, Feadship, Royal Huisman, Bennetti, Vitter, Alloy, Proteksen Turquoise, CRN, Abeking and Rasmussen, Trinity, Westport, and Oyster as well as catamaran builders Lagoon, Privilege, and Fontain Pajot.

We’ve worked with clients all over the world with countless different goals in countless destinations, and we’re confident that we can help you build your perfect vacation. No matter the interests you and your friends wish to pursue, we can find the ideal charter for you.

Set Out on Your Adventure Today

There’s no better way to spend time with your friends or family than through a brand new adventure on board your own private group of tandem yachts. You’ll experience the world in a whole new way while enjoying world-class meals and conversation with those you hold dearest. Whether you tour the Mediterranean or escape to exotic Pacific islands, you’ll be making memories that you will carry through your life, all while in the company of your closest friends. Drop us a line and find out what yachts are available for charter and see just how much of the world you can explore.