Yacht Charter FAQs

Vacation plans or the purchase of a yacht is an important step and a commitment of time and money. Sometimes the most critical part of making vacation plans is allocating the time away from your day-to-day commitments. This makes planning your holiday time critical to its success. A yacht charter vacation takes you right away from your everyday concerns and lets your mind go blank. You may even be surprised to find you are not sure what day of the week it is after a few days on board. The rhythm on board becomes diurnal as you wake rested and refreshed and sleep when the feeling takes you.

Plan Your Yacht Vacation

To be able to enjoy no set schedules on board means that you need to do your homework before you book your yacht charter. We have tried to provide an easy set of pages that outline what our clients have needed to know before booking their charter. Some of this information is useful to repeat charter clients who may wish to try a different location or style of yacht and want to make sure they know how things work.

Whatever the case may be, Regency BVI brokers are here to answer your questions so that you can make educated decisions about the vacation you have dreamed about. It’s our job to make sure we explain to you everything carefully in advance so that you are prepared and know what to expect before you board, just as we are here to help with any problems or glitches that may crop up along the way.

Get Help on Your Terms​

Some clients enjoy reading over the material you will find on these pages, others may prefer to call and chat about what is on their mind. Whatever works for you, our professional and knowledgeable yacht charter brokers are here to help from early planning to after you arrive home. We have tried to be thorough in providing details about booking a charter in most parts of the world, but keep in mind that the charter yacht industry is relatively small and continually evolving.

Regency BVI brokers have been in the charter yacht industry since the 1980s. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t and we are available to offer you our many years of experience so that your yachting experience is pure bliss.