A World-Class Sailing Trip is Now More Accessible Than Ever

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sail on your own private boat? The wind blowing briskly through your hair, the warm sun shining down on your face, dining on fresh-caught fish, and living life on your own time without worrying about sticking to any specific schedule? Well, we’ve got some good news for you. This dreamy lifestyle that once seemed distant and impossible is now easier to plan and enjoy than ever before by taking advantage of the wide variety of crewed charter yachts based in the BVI.

The British Virgin Islands is widely considered to be one of the world’s finest sailing destinations, and if you’re in the U.S., it’s practically in your backyard. The Virgin Islands attracts the finest yacht owners, crews, and captains to these constantly warm waters and many sheltered harbors.The best and brightest of these professional captains and crews swap ideas, best locations, news on new hotspots, and even gourmet recipes, keeping vacation ideas fresh year over year and giving you all the benefits of local knowledge while still being totally new to you and your group. Yacht charter captains and crews are masters of tailoring your vacation, with some crews specializing in a hands-off, laid-back approach while others offer a vacation where adventure awaits at every turn. Whatever your style of vacation, Regency Yacht Vacations can help you find the perfect yacht and crew, creating the experience of a lifetime.

BVI Yacht Charters, Available Year-Round

With so many options available and such flexible itineraries, BVI yacht charters can seem incredibly overwhelming. You might be wondering, “What will I do while sailing on the open water?” or “What if I don’t end up enjoying my planned activities and stops?” or maybe “How do I even start planning a trip like this?” While planning a customized BVI yacht charter vacation might seem to be a lot of work up front, remember that you’re not going at it alone! Regency Yacht Vacations has years of experience in matching yachts and crew with vacationers, and we’ve planned vacations ranging from a week aboard a small sailing catamaran to months-long megayacht cruises. No matter what you want to do, we have the experience and connections needed to help you make it happen.

So, what can you actually do aboard BVI yacht charters? If there’s one thing we at Regency can guarantee, it’s that you won’t be bored!

Yacht vacations are a completely unique way to take a trip because of how customized they are. You aren’t confined to one location or one set of activities or even one itinerary. After booking a yacht, we work with you to plan a trip that includes anything from scuba diving to sunsets spent at beach bars to deep sea fishing to waterskiing and wakeboarding. The preference sheet you complete helps your captain plan your time on board accordingly, but you aren’t stuck on your schedule after it’s made by any means! See a small islet you want to explore? Consider it done. Want to spend a couple of extra hours lounging on an exclusive beach? Not a problem! Want to sample the local fare instead of eating the planned onboard dinner? Just tell your captain, and you’ll soon be on your way to a vacation that unfolds your way.

What Makes the BVI a Perfect Sailing Spot

Charter yachts are available in just about every corner of the world, from Fiji to the Turkish Coast, even in Alaska for Arctic cruises. So what makes the British Virgin Islands such a special place to charter a yacht?

Incredible Waters

The British Virgin Islands are renowned for their smooth waters that lead to ideal sailing conditions almost constantly. In addition to their calmness, the waters of the BVI are exceptionally clear, making for amazing snorkeling, scuba, and swimming conditions. Because of the BVI’s geographic locations, the water is warm year-round, even during the slightly cooler winter months. Plus you are never sailing out of sight of land which eases the minds of many landlubbers.

Countless Stops

The BVI features many unique islands that you can visit for a quick drink at a beach bar, a long day lounging on on pristine beaches, or an evening of fine cocktails, fine dining, and dancing. Each island in the BVI has its own unique culture and pace, every stop will be totally different. If you’re not sure where to visit, we can help you plan your stops in the BVI’s many unique ports. Additionally, your captain is sure to know the most popular spots in the BVI as well as its best-kept secrets.

Ease of Access

The BVI is easily accessible, and if you’re vacationing from the U.S., it can usually be reached in a direct flight. Whether you depart from a major airport or a private jetport, getting to the right port is pretty simple and doesn’t require the hassle of multiple long flights or the challenge of acquiring a visa.

Smooth Sailing, Exquisite Food, Amazing Accommodations

BVI yacht charters offer unmatched vacation experiences that you simply can’t get any other way. Every yacht in the BVI fleet has something to offer, whether it’s high-octane watersports or the best cocktail you’ve ever tasted. Every crew is different and offer different things to your vacation, so Regency offers expert guidance through the planning process. We know you will enjoy your vacation, but it’s our goal to elevate your vacation from just a great trip to an unforgettable experience that you and your group can cherish for the rest of your lives.

So what does a charter yacht in the BVI have to offer? We’ll use the award-winning catamaran, Xenia 62, as an example. Xenia 62 offers exquisite gourmet meals, hand-prepared by Chef Tara, using fresh, local ingredients, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, every single day. For activities, Xenia 62 has countless onboard water toys, including paddle boards, Sea-Doo sea scooters, water skiis, a small dinghy that is perfect for island exploration, and fishing gear. Xenia 62 is captained by Captain Matthew Mullins, who is a RYA/MCA Yachtmaster with over ten years of experience sailing the waters of Australia, the BVI, the Italian coastline and the UK.

For decor and accommodations, Xenia 62 is an utterly astounding example of what a charter yacht can be. This catamaran has 2 queen cabins and 2 king cabins, accommodating a total of 8 guests at a time. The interior features a rich wood finish with vibrant accenting colors. This catamaran is impossibly comfortable, stylish, and elegant, without sacrificing fun in the slightest.


How Regency Can Help You Plan Your Ideal Vacation

No matter your goals or your vacation style, at Regency, we will work with you to craft the perfect vacation to fit you and your group. BVI yacht charters usually leave people with memories that last a lifetime, but more importantly, they bring people together for completely unique experiences that bring families and friends closer. So whether you’re looking for a luxurious, stylish catamaran like Xenia 62, a smaller, low-profile sailing yacht, or an always-exciting power yacht, we can match you with the perfect yacht for your perfect vacation.

There’s no need to wait! Contact us today, and find out what options await you on the greatest vacation you’ve ever taken. We want nothing more than to help you plan your ideal trip, and the sooner you start, the closer that trip is. We look forward to hearing from you!

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