Booking a BVI Catamaran Charter? Time to Plan Ahead!

Like any vacation, BVI catamaran charters tend to fill up pretty quickly around the holidays, and in 2020 and 2021, we expect this to be especially true. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, yachts available for charter are in somewhat limited supply, with the different nations and territories around the Caribbean each having unique travel restrictions.

While this can make chartering look difficult, the fact of the matter is that yacht chartering is likely going to be THE hot getaway for the holidays this year and next. Even amid travel restrictions, private yacht charters provide a way to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean safely and without having to jump through a bunch of hoops. Unlike resorts or hotels, you don’t have to worry about risky crowds, finding open restaurants and bars, or coming into contact with sick staff or guests. Charter yachts offer a secluded, safe vacation experience free from worry that doesn’t compromise on the luxury and excitement you’d hope to get from your vacation.

Why Plan Now?

zingara mainThis might be the question we come across most frequently: “When should I start planning?” Well for the holidays, especially in 2020 and 2021, it’s really never too early. In order to plan the perfect trip for your group, you should start the booking process months ahead of time. The beginning of summer, in May or June, typically represents something of a “last chance,” for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s vacations. If you wait much longer, you might still be able to find a yacht for your group, but it’s less likely that you’ll find one with all the options that you’d hope for. On a BVI catamaran charter, you have the opportunity to plan a trip out perfectly down to the last detail, and planning in advance is the best way to assure that you don’t miss anything.

If you’d prefer to travel on Spring Break or Easter, getting a jump on planning is similarly important. Like the coming winter holidays, spring is an incredibly popular time for yacht charters, so staying ahead of the curve is key. By planning ahead, you’ll have access to a much larger array of different options, ensuring that you’ll get to see everything you want to see, do everything you want to do, and above all else, enjoy the perfect vacation for you and your group. By spring 2021, we expect to see most of the travel restrictions we’ve seen this year completely lifted, which means that there will likely be a boom in BVI and Caribbean tourism. If you contact one of our Expert Brokers now, they can help you get aboard one of the many Caribbean yacht charters that will be active next spring.

Once you begin the planning process, you can count on our Expert Brokers to help you create the perfect vacation. Whether you’re interested in setting sail for spontaneous adventure or enjoying a private island with every single moment planned for maximum relaxation, we can help you build your ideal itinerary, find the perfect yacht, and enjoy your completely stress-free vacation.

As travel restrictions continue in the many countries comprising the Caribbean, working with a broker may be the single best thing you can do to ensure a successful charter. As BVI residents and frequent sailors ourselves, we have insider knowledge into what each locale is planning and doing, and we can keep you completely in-the-know. What’s more, our Expert Brokers will help guide you through each country’s travel restrictions, putting you on board a private boat that’s far from the stresses and challenges of the world. From the deck of your own private BVI catamaran charter, you can fully enjoy a holiday that recharges you and fully prepares you to return to your day-to-day life.

Visualizing Your Yacht Charter Vacation

woman snorkellingSo now that you’ve gotten an idea of when to plan, you can think about what you want to do while on your vacation. The Caribbean, and British Virgin Islands specifically, is considered to be among the world’s finest sailing destinations. With countless isolated islets to explore and sunny weather year-round, the BVI is as close to perfection as any place on earth, and its popularity reflects that. The BVI is home to numerous cultures, countless walk-up beach bars, crystal-clear water, and sandy beaches that you can enjoy without ever coming across a single person (outside of your friends and family, of course!). In the winter, you can escape the short days, low-light, and cold weather of the northern latitudes in style and comfort. In the BVI, winter temperatures hover invariably throughout the 70s, remaining temperate even after the sun goes down, so you can spend your evenings however you like, comfortable indoors or out.

As amazing as the BVI’s climate is, you’ll be sure to enjoy it even more from the deck of your own private catamaran. Just think: waking up to the sounds of the seas and the smell of coffee freshly-brewed by a private chef. From there, you can go wherever the current takes you: casting lines for exotic fish that your chef can masterfully prepare, spending your mornings enjoying professionally-instructed yoga (many catamarans are crewed by yoga instructors!), and exploring coves with the kayaks, canoes, or paddleboards included aboard many yachts. Each and every meal onboard is crafted by your professional chef, many of whom offer cuisine made with fresh, local ingredients. At the end of the day, your charter should get you the absolute most out of your vacation, and when you plan with Regency, you can count on us to plan solely for you.

Your BVI Brokers

So what does the planning process look like? With so many options at your fingertips, a yacht charter vacation might seem a bit intimidating to put together.

At Regency Yacht Charters, we strive to make your perfect vacation as easy to plan as possible. Once you start the conversation with one of our Expert Brokers, they’ll begin bringing your interests, tastes, preferred activities, and ideal locations together into a few cohesive plans. After that, we matchmake you with a handful of different yachts that are suitable for your needs, taking care to give you the options you need to make the vacation ideal for you and your group. Once we’ve decided on the itinerary that’s right for you, we’ll get the booking together. From start to finish, we work to help you focus on the fun parts of vacation planning while we take care of the execution, because we don’t think that your vacation shouldn’t be an extra source of stress in your life.

At Regency Yacht Charters, we represent a wide variety of different yachts and crews, each of which has their own specialization. If you have any questions about our offerings or sailing destinations, or you’re ready to start planning, please contact us today!

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