Pure Relaxation: How Sailing Can Enhance Your Wellness

Sometimes, stepping back and taking a vacation isn’t simply about taking a few photos and enjoying a bit of sun while sipping on a cold drink. Sometimes, vacationing is about self-care, decompressing, and refreshing yourself, all of which are worthy goals and key parts of building a healthy lifestyle.

With each passing year, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of relaxation to maintaining health and wellness. Studies have shown that getting away from the stresses of work and day-to-day life can be tremendously beneficial for mental and physical health alike. But for many of you, taking a vacation may not be seem to be the most relaxing way you could spend your time. Your mind might jump to the challenges of planning for transportation, hotel stays, outings, meal costs, and any number of barriers to your own relaxation, leaving you feeling like planning a truly relaxing trip might be out of the question.

This is where a vacation like an all-expenses BVI catamaran charter really shines.

Health and Wellness-Oriented Catamaran Cruises

There are few vacations that come to mind that come close to the relaxation potential of a BVI catamaran charter. From the very beginning of the planning phase, one of our Expert Brokers is readily available to help you find the perfect boat and crew for you. Whether you’re interested in taking the whole family on an adventure that allows you unplug and enjoy quality time, or you’re looking for a quiet, tranquil getaway, just you and a loved one aboard a comfortable, breezy catamaran, our brokers have the industry knowledge and the connections needed to help you create a place for you to unwind.

But what does relaxation look like aboard a BVI catamaran charter? The answer is completely up to you!

One of the greatest and most-valued conveniences a yacht charter affords you is the ability to unplug. While almost all charter boats still have available Wi-Fi and TV’s, you have the option to tune-out the world. Just think: no stray work emails popping up on your phone over dinner, no unwanted phone calls or texts, and no constant stream of information from social media. On your private charter boat, you have the choice to leave all of that behind for a week or more, freeing your mind to decompress.

Though time to relax and decompress is an important part of self-care, you might be wondering what to do with all of the free time you will find on your hands while aboard your private yacht. While different boats and crews offer different activities, almost all of them have one thing in common: they want to help you enjoy the perfect vacation, so if your perfect vacation is centered around disconnecting, decompressing, and relaxing, what you do onboard will be centered around those ideas as well. For example, many boats are equipped to provide an onboard masseuse, so you can enjoy a thoroughly relaxing massage accompanied by only the soft sounds of the sea and the feel of the warm Caribbean sun. If you don’t feel like travelling with a masseuse, you can still stop off on one of any number of beaches recommended by your captain for a massage by the sea.

If you’re looking for something a little more active but no less therapeutic, you can enjoy many similarly calming activities, such as yoga or fishing. Onboard yoga instructors are another somewhat common addition to yacht charters, so you can enjoy the cathartic effects of a morning do yoga from the deck of your charter boat. If fishing is more to your liking, most boats offer bait and tackle, providing you with everything you need to enjoy a day casting your line and maybe even catching your dinner.

Speaking of dinner, another of the many ways you can pamper yourself on a charter yacht is by enjoying an incredible meal. A Chef or Chef/First Mate is typically a key part of a charter yacht’s crew, each of whom have proven their talent on countless voyages. Many onboard chefs work with fresh, local ingredients, ensuring that every bite you take features a taste of the Caribbean. What’s more, these carefully-crafted gourmet meals are typically as healthy as they are flavorful, with a delicious variety of fruits and vegetables in every meal. If you have dietary restrictions or preferences of any kind, we’ll be sure to review them in the planning process.

shangri la at seaComplete Relaxation Aboard a BVI Catamaran Charter

While yacht charters are designed to help you enjoy the trip of your dreams, some boats are more suited to certain vacation styles than others. A power yacht, for example, might be more interested to avid thrill-seekers than to someone seeking complete relaxation. With that in mind, our Expert Brokers can help you find exactly what you are looking for, and if you’re seeking relaxation, look no farther than one of the most relaxed BVI catamaran charters available, Shangri La.

Shangri La is a gorgeous sailing catamaran native to the British Virgin Islands that is well-known for its relaxed environment, perfect for cultivating personal wellness. Shangri La offers onboard yoga to help you simply catch your breath, encouraging wellbeing for both your mind and body. Also on board is award-winning crew, Captain Bernd, Chef Daniela, and Stew Ursula. Originally hailing from Austria, this crew is well-versed in what makes a yacht charter such a unique experience. Bernd has over 18 years of sailing experience and an incredible amount of knowledge on secluded BVI locations, and is an accomplished grillmaster. Daniela is an award-winning chef and leads daily meditation and yoga sessions. If you need anything else onboard, Ursula can assist you.

Aboard Shangri La, your relaxation is the highest priority. Whether you’re going on vacation as a simple getaway or you are in drastic need to some time to breathe, you can be sure that the crew on Shangri La will take care of you.

Stress-Free Vacation Planning

It’s easy to see that a BVI catamaran charter is an ideal way to de-stress, but that doesn’t mean that planning your trip isn’t intimidating. There are a lot of decisions to be made on everything from meals to budget to time of year, and that might just seem like a lot to handle. Our Expert Charter Brokers have these challenges prominently in mind when working with you to plan your trip. We work hard to make the planning process as easy as possible. We are intimately familiar with the offerings of each of the boats we represent, and have years of experience pairing our clients with exactly what they are looking for.

We can help you distill your interests into real possibilities, providing you with a wide variety of options then guiding you through the selection process. Once we have a clear idea of what you want your vacation to look like, we provide you with selections of different boats for you to choose from.

Your perfect vacation doesn’t have to be some unattainable dream; you can start the planning process this very moment! Just contact us and we’ll schedule a call where we can discuss your options in-depth.

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