Xenia Fleet: Crewed Yacht Charters on Virgin Islands

Small, medium and large size boats, all Privilege catamarans make up the Xenia Fleet. Xenia 50, Xenia 62 and Xenia 74 are all heading down island this summer. If you have set your sights on a summer vacation with family or friends, it is not too early to book. Like birds migrate, so do many charter yachts. Some go to the Mediterranean but the Caribbean boats head south in July. This leaves fewer quality boat crews in the Virgin Islands. The talented team on Xenia 62 are one of many who are heading to the Grenadines.

Captain Matt is a RYA/MCA Yachtmaster 200 ton, a sailing instructor and rescue diver. His sailing background locations include Australia, Italy and the UK before leading 15 boat flotillas in the BVI in 2011. After pairing up with Tara (clearly the better half) life changed. The food was so much better! A qualified chef, Tara trained for 2 years in a top culinary college – City and Guilds in the UK, followed by 10 more years working in high end English palate pleasers. A PADIi Divemaster and videographer, Tara crafted this fun video “Tales of Down Island”. Check out the green monkey on her shoulder, not too far from the Grenada Chocolate factory.

If you want a bigger boat try the big sister Xenia 74 with a crew of 4, ably led by the capable Tony and Kate. Together they have shared 21 years in hospitality on crewed boats with and ashore. They love to share the physical beauty of the Caribbean

Xenia62 anchored
Xenia62 anchored

and Kate loves to cook. She has cooked for many notables including the Governor of the BVI and the owners of Peter Island Resort.

Too big for your group? Try their little sister Xenia 50, newest in the Xenia Fleet. Both Peter and Jade double up on qualifications; they are both experienced Captains and Chefs. Jade won 2 culinary awards in the highly competitive contest at the last November Boatshow. Appetizer pictured here.

The trending destination is the Grenadines this summer. It is best sail north to south. Try embarking at Young Island in St Vincent and stop at some of the 32 islands on the way to Grenada. Divers will be wowed in Grenada with a leisurely shallow dive in the first underwater sculpture park in the world. The circle of cement statues are more colorful now with 14 years natural growth of marine life covering them. Subsequent picture-worthy statues have been added since. Known as the Spice Island you might see carpets of nutmegs drying in the sun, visit the Botanical Gardens or a historic Fort.

This trio of Xenia boats will be down island. Are you making some memories this summer? Would you like to join them? 3 great boats, 3 great crews, who will you choose? We can help you, fine tune your decision.

“Xenia62 Tales From Down Island” Pirates of the Caribbean with Crewed Yacht Charters for the Virgin Islands

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