Crewed Yacht Charter For Foodies

The first week in December, traditionally, brings a hotbed of activity in Antigua for the annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show. This year was spectacular as it was the 50th year celebration of the largest charter yacht show in the Caribbean. Our hats off to the team in Antigua who put this together.

Over 100 yachts ranging from 46ft to 266ft were on display in their entire splendor. Luxury yachts with as little as 2 crew to Mega yachts with 18 crew were lined up on 3 different dockyards – Falmouth Harbor Marina, Nelsons Dockyard Marina and the Antigua Yacht Club Marina. All were polished and dining tables decked out in their finest china and crystal.

One of the enjoyments of attending the boat show is the privilege to be invited on board a crewed yacht to dine. These chefs can produce some amazing menus and not all of them have a super yacht galley to work in. The 70ft Sunreef Muse has an exceptional chef on-board and is the perfect crewed yacht charter for foodies.. After a summer season in the Med her crew has brought her to the Caribbean for the Winter 2011/12 season. Chef Caro, prides herself in cooking healthy foods whilst infusing ingredients that flavor to the max. Your crew- Captain Jez, chef Caro and Stew/Mate Laura are no strangers to the Caribbean. Jez and Caro spent many seasons onboard a successful BVI based catamaran. This year, facing stiff competition, she managed to place 3rd in the under 100ft yacht division. Last year at the BVI Charter Yacht Show with an entry in every category, no one else stood a chance against her.

1st prize – Entrée Division * 1st prize – Dessert Division * 2nd prize – Salad/Appetizer Division * 2nd prize – Coffee course

MuseIf you are a serious foodie who enjoys beautiful food, great wines and fun in the sun than Muse and her crew are for you. With every dish that Caro prepares comes an anecdote and brief history on where the idea came from and why she blends certain flavors and ingredients.



Muse is available this Winter in the Caribbean and Summer 2012 in the Mediterranean. Please contact us for rates and details at [email protected]





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