A Few Unique Yachts for Exploring the Caribbean

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Around mid- to late-November, many people start daydreaming about what their ideal vacation might be. As the days grow shorter and the holiday to-do list grows longer, the idea of just getting away for awhile to enjoy some warm sunshine becomes incredibly appealing. As you carry out your holiday-related tasks and errands, it’s easy to dream about somewhere sunnier. Somewhere where you can spend your days lounging with a cocktail in hand, where the beach stretches without another soul in sight, where the sounds and sights of the sea are all yours. If this flawless vacation spot seems too good to be true, we have some good news for you: this perfect vacation is all too real, and it’s yours to enjoy when you charter a yacht in the BVI or Caribbean.

Crewed yacht charters in the BVI and Caribbean offer up wholly unique vacationing experiences, complete with custom itineraries, exquisite menus catered to fit your tastes, and an environment specifically designed to maximize relaxation, fun, and quality time with those closest to you. Each of the charter yachts recommended by our Expert Brokers has its own set of strengths and unique qualities, as well as an experienced crew with a deep understanding of luxury and hospitality. More than an excellent way to vacation, BVI and Caribbean yacht charters provide a canvas for you to shape and create your perfect environment for relaxation, leaving you with unforgettable experiences and memories that you will cherish for your entire life.

At Regency, we pride ourselves on crafting experiences that match up perfectly with your expectations. We have years of experience in the yacht charter industry and close relationships with the captains and crews we work with, which we use when working with you to plan your perfect vacation.

Trident Tides Cockpit
Trident Tides

Crewed Yacht Charters BVI and Beyond

When you plan a vacation with one of our Expert Brokers, you gain all the benefits of our experience and crew relationships. We tailor every part of the yacht charter process to fit your exact interests, tastes, and requirements. From the moment you schedule a consultation, our brokers are working to find the perfect boat and crew to match your vacation style. Are you looking for high seas adventure, deep sea fishing, and perhaps an afternoon of scuba diving? We can help you find the boat and crew. Or are you looking for a quiet, romantic sailing trip, just you and a loved one, hopping off on a secluded beach without another soul in sight? Our Brokers can help you plan exactly that. We can even help you plan a trip with your entire family aboard a larger vessel, with time scheduled for you to hop off and enjoy the most exciting beach bars scattered throughout the BVI and Caribbean. Aboard your private yacht charter, nearly any vacation style is possible.

The true beauty of a crewed yacht charter is its flexibility and freedom. As relaxing as a resort stay might be, you usually end up stuck in one place the entire time, which ends up being a missed opportunity in locales as gorgeous and varied as the BVI and Caribbean. On a private yacht, you get to take in the full range of different isles, cultures, cuisines, sightseeing destinations, and nightlife hotspots scattered throughout these amazing islands. If there’s something you are particularly interested in visiting for a few days, we can help you make arrangements during the planning process, ensuring that you don’t miss anything on your unforgettable vacation.

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McGregor III

A Few Things the Caribbean and BVI Have to Offer

The Caribbean as a whole and the specific stretch of Caribbean islands known as the BVI offer up some of the finest sailing in the world. With relatively short stretches between the many unique isles, the waters are warm and tranquil year round. Most larger waves are buffeted by the countless shoals and islets, resulting incredibly smooth waters that are perfect for boats of all shapes and sizes.

When you visit the Caribbean, there are countless possible routes and destinations you might explore. From the Grenadines to the Leeward Islands to Lesser Antilles and the Virgin Islands (both United States and British), the Caribbean is home to a wide variety of options for your vacation. The individual islands in this aquatic chain each have their own vibrant culture and unique history, as well as a wide variety of fascinating and gorgeous geography. The Caribbean is home to picturesque, palm-lined beaches, wilderness perfect for a morning hike, and shallow caves that can be explored by kayak, often all on the same island.

The BVI is among the most exclusive and fascinating locales in the Caribbean. This 35-mile island chain features some of the best-known hotspots as well as a plethora of best-kept-secrets. Our Expert Brokers and the crews we work with have an in-depth knowledge of the BVI, providing you with many options to explore.

Unique Crewed Yacht Charter Experiences

Among our favorite parts of the yacht charter experience is how unique each experience is. Each boat and crew is completely unique, offering different vacation styles to different people and working hard to make sure that everyone on board is enjoying the ideal experience. As follows are a few of our unique crewed yacht charters BVI and beyond.

Trident Tides

Looking for a fast-paced sailing adventure that doesn’t skimp on luxury? Look no further than Trident Tides. This Catana 47 sailing catamaran is nimble but incredibly comfortable, with 3 en suite queen cabins and a crew that understands luxury well. This BVI charter catamaran is crewed by Zane and Shivani, both of whom have experience as captains on countless voyages. This energetic pair excels at providing guests with exciting outings and adventurous sailing on this amazing boat.

McGregor III

A significant part of the perfect yachting vacation is dependent upon the crew. The best crews excel at creating a relaxing environment and delicious meals, while having knowledge on best spots to visit. That’s what make crews like Tim and Julie so special. This crew boasts some of the highest repeat business in the fleet, with about 80% of their guests returning to charter McGregor 3 times! Tim and Julie are the owners and operators of McGregor III, and have owned and operated their own yachts for the last 18 years. It’s safe to say that these two know the business well! McGregor III has 3 comfortable staterooms and countless amenities.


Zingara is an absolutely stunning catamaran that perfectly blends extraordinary luxury, versatility, and fun. This cat is incredibly spacious, with 4 cabins and the capacity to carry up to 10 guests, with a massive deck that is perfect for those late nights laughing and enjoying the company of friends and family. In addition to the ample space onboard, Zingara boasts a massive collection of water toys, as the crew loves to offer water sports to guests. Zingara is crewed by Captain Lee Adams, Chef Ed Stacy, Mate Camille Bedouin, and Stewardess Aishah ‘Sash’ Osman, all of whom are dedicated to providing guests with the vacation of a lifetime

Booking Your Charter with Regency

If you’re interested in learning more about the yachts we offer, which locations you might visit, or crewed yacht charters in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll help you schedule some time to speak with one of our expert yacht charter brokers, who will discuss your goals and preferences with you before providing you with a curated list of available yachts.

The perfect vacation is closer now than ever before! Just reach out to us today, and we can get started on the planning process.

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