Going Green in the Caribbean


Going green in the Caribbean is becoming a popular direction that many charter yachts are taking. Because many charter destinations do not have the ability to recycle, our yachts are trying to help maintain these pristine environments and reduce plastic waste. Some ways of doing this are by purchasing earth friendly paper products, biodegradable cleaning products, purchases organic and local products when available and use eco-friendly bottom paint. Wind generators also help and many yachts, with water makers, are able to produce their own filtered drinking water, thereby cutting down on the need to purchase those dreaded water bottles.




Many Caribbean charter yacht crews throughout Florida, Bahamas and the Caribbean participate in their local Reef Checks and beach clean ups. As residents and visitors we can all do are own little part to keep our beaches and waters clean so that others may enjoy the pristine waters around the world. There are so many different ways to be a little greener, such as recycling, reusing plastic bags, give your electronics a break- especially while on holiday.

Here is are a few such yachts that do their part.

47 ft Catamaran Tachyon: Equipped with wind scoops to limit need for A/C, purchases earth friendly paper products and biodegradable cleaning products and local/organic produce when available.

41 ft Antiquity: Makes their own purified drinking water. Solar panels, wind generator, purchased biodegradable cleaning products, earth friendly paper products, local and organic vegetables when available and participates in reef and beach clean-up projects.

40 ft Catamaran Double Exposure: Purchases biodegradable cleaning products, earth friendly paper products, has a wind generator and solar panels, purchases organic and local produce when available and helps with reef clean-up projects.

57 ft Catamaran Aldebaran: Makes their own purified drinking water. Purchases all biodegradable cleaning products, earth friendly paper products and organic and locally grown vegetables when available.



Every little thing that we can do can make a difference to the environment.Cleaner earth




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