How to Get the Most Out of Winter Yacht Vacations

If you’ve been trying to plan a family vacation this year, there’s a very good chance that your plans haven’t come to fruition the way you’d hoped. Whether you meticulously created an international itinerary in 2019, only to see it thrown out the window by circumstance, or you simply wanted to gather with your close friends or family on a small trip, the pandemic has turned the entire prospect of travelling into a near-impossibility for many. That said, we’ve recently noticed an uptick in alternative styles of vacations. While big city trips and hotspot destinations are largely out of the question, many people are embracing trips to the great outdoors (whether in luxury cabins or camping), small-town destinations, and private yacht vacations. Each of these vacations offers the seclusion needed for complete relaxation in this day and age, but only yacht vacations combine seclusion with luxury.

Already, we’ve seen a significant increase in interest in winter yacht charters, simply because spending time aboard a private yacht gives our clients the ability to explore gorgeous locales without feeling like they’re putting themselves at risk. Additionally, there’s no better time than during the short, cold days of winter to escape to a sunny, exotic location. Aside from a crew of 2 or 3 people, you don’t have to come into contact with anyone outside of your group when you charter a yacht. You can spend your days hopping from island to island, laying out on pristine beaches, snorkeling over lively reefs, kayaking through idyllic anchorages, and dining on world-class cuisine courtesy of your onboard chef, all while staying far from crowds.

As ideal as charter yacht vacations are for our present times, there are still a couple of unique challenges facing the prospective vacation planner, which we are ready to help you handle! The first challenge is the current limited inventory of charter yachts. This year’s vacation season was shortened significantly by the pandemic, leaving many yacht crews sailing without clients. Many clients rescheduled, creating an already busy calendar for the forthcoming season. While many yachts have some availability, local guidelines from their home countries must be complied with, which means more restrictions across the board. The combination of the potentially-reduced fleet, the shorter season, and an influx of interest in chartering has led to more challenges in finding suitable available yachts.

As daunting as this might seem, there’s no need to be discouraged. Here’s how we can help!

Booking with Our Expert Brokers

Our team of Expert Brokers have been booking yacht charters from our base of operations in the BVI for over 25 years, and up until this year, we thought we’d seen it all. Though the pandemic certainly poses some unique challenges, our team has both the experience and access to current inside information needed to help you plan your ideal charter vacation. With your input, we can help you organize your preferences and ideas to match you with a boat and crew. During this time of limited availability, working with a dedicated broker gives you the highest chance of finding a boat in the destination of your choice within your time frame. However, it’s important to remember that the more flexible you are with travel dates and location, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to find something that complements your ideal vacation.

Even as winter availability remains somewhat difficult, our Expert Brokers can match you with one of the reputable yachts and crews we represent. We have detailed information on many of the boats that make up the BVI fleet, the largest concentration of charter boats in the world, allowing us to share the advantage of local knowledge when planning your vacation.

Some of the Best Boats in the BVI this Winter

As we continue to receive inquiries, our team is only growing more confident that wintering in the BVI is going to be popular this year. BVI yacht vacations can be as secluded as you’d like them to be, ensuring that you can completely relax and unwind. Here are a few yachts with some availability for charter this winter:

Yolo II

This 52’ Lagoon catamaran was launched in 2013 and completely refitted in 2018 for maximum luxury. Sailing the BVI, Caribbean, and Leeward Islands, Yolo II provides ample variety in locations to explore, giving you the opportunity to visit some of your favorite spots or see some brand new ones. In 3 equally-spacious en suite cabins, this exquisite boat accommodates up to 6 guests in luxurious style. Her main salon is as spacious as it is sunny, with ample space for dinners that turn into long nights laughing and talking with those closest to you. Yolo II is crewed by the experienced South African duo, Captain Sheldon and Chef/Mate Vanessa. Sheldon is certified with an RYA Ocean Yacht Master Commercial license and has covered over 400,000 nautical miles. Vanessa’s culinary career spans years, having prepared Italian, French, and Caribbean cuisine in boat catering settings and in numerous villas across Europe. Between the two of them, this crew knows anything and everything about sumptuous service aboard a sailboat. .

McGregor III

Always among our top picks for BVI yacht charters, McGregor III offers the perfect example of a classic yacht vacation. Captain Tim Miller and Chef Julie Brown are the heart and soul of this vessel, offering up a combination of deep knowledge of every aspect of the BVI and unparalleled personal service. In fact, 80% of their clients return and book McGregor III 3 more times after their first charter experience. Suffice it to say, this crew is well-liked and respected among other crews in the BVI. As for the boat itself, McGregor III is fresh from a 2019 refit that was unveiled at the December Boat Show, updating this Jefferson 60 in the best possible way. The refit revives a classic charter yacht look that gives you an even more opulent version of what you’d expect from a classic charter yacht.


Manna Culebrita SVIIt’s not often that we see a completely custom yacht available for charter, but Manna has been consistently making waves since her launch in 2013. Designed by Royal Cape, Manna is a large 53’ catamaran that accommodates up to 8 guests in 4 cabins, all for under $25,000. For her size and unique design, you can’t beat Manna’s price point. Captain Wayne and Chef Emily crew this amazing catamaran, offering a shared love of adventure that can take you to some unique areas of the BVI. These two are both certified divemasters, meaning that scuba is definitely on the table!

Xenia 50

Part of the exclusive Xenia fleet, this Privilege yacht is at the pinnacle of style and luxury for yachts her size. Her interior is custom designed, with an impressive style and bold visuals that make luxury feel comfortable. Xenia 50 accommodates guests in 3 amenity-laden queen cabins, each with a queen size berth, private bath with electric toilets, stall shower and vanity. Her crew is the remarkably dynamic duo, Peter and Jade, who are both captains and both chefs, ensuring that each meal and every day’s activities are as unique and enjoyable as possible.

Yacht Vacations: Privacy and Comfort, Personalized for You

Wintering in the BVI doesn’t have to be some far off dream. It can be a reality; something that you can enjoy and treasure for years to come. If you’re interested in seeing the beautiful BVI this winter or you’d simply like to learn more about any of the yachts above, please feel free to contact us today! Our team of Expert Brokers is keen to help you plan the perfect vacation.

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