Remote and Less Traveled Areas of the Pacific

SuRi has incorporated an itinerary of the remote and less traveled areas of the Pacific that would not be possible any other way than by a yacht charter. An adventurer’s itinerary, for those eager to explore untouched territories and get up close and personal with the ocean’s most magnificent creatures.


Start your cruise from the small Island of Niue, only 100sq miles but considered one of the worlds largest coral islands. Niue is approximately 1500 miles north east of New Zealand and a 3 hour flight from Auckland – a large runway can cater to private jets. The reefs around the island offer excellent diving with 160+ feet of visibility. Niue is an island where you feel you have moved back in time 30 years, population of 1200, spectacular sea and land caves and a very relaxed local population.


After 4 days cruise, 24 hours down wind is VaVau, an island chain of one large island and 40 smaller ones in Tonga. An ideal tropical paradise in the Pacific Ocean, Vavau has a warmer climate than the rest of Tonga making it perfect for year round swimming, snorkeling, diving and sailing. This island nation has it all from white sand beaches, tropical forests, sea-level caves and dramatic limestone cliffs with breathtaking vistas. Whale season here is July to September when pods of humpbacks swim 5,000 miles from the Antarctic to visit Tongan waters where they mate and give birth to their young.

Fiji (Southern Lau)

Cross to the south Lau group of Fiji after 4 days in VaVau, distance is 300 miles – a 30 hour down wind cruise. The Lau group of Fiji has only recently opened to visiting yachts, it offer’s true Fijian culture with un-spoiled villages to visit, excellent and world class surfing and diving. Lauan villages remain very traditional, and the islands’ inhabitants are renowned for their wood carving and Masi (Tapa cloth) paintings.

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