Looking Forward to Spring Yacht Vacations

With everything going on this year, it’s hard to believe how far into 2020 we actually are. Summer has come and gone, seemingly flying by, and because of the number of cancelled Spring and Summer vacations, the typically slower Fall yacht chartering season has garnered far more attention than usual. Winter charters are booking quickly in locations all over the world, with crews preparing for a busy few months between December and April. While there are still some available boats for winter yacht vacations, it’s now the time of year to start thinking about spring bookings if you want to enjoy the absolute best of the BVI.

When it comes to booking yacht vacations, a good rule of thumb is to contact your broker 6-8 months ahead of time for a normal vacation, or 10-14 months ahead of time for peak seasons, like Christmas, New Year’s, or Spring Break. While we can certainly help you put together a yacht charter in less time, booking this far ahead all but guarantees that you’ll check every single box off of your vacation wishlist. As the year goes on, interest in spring bookings is expected to increase to a higher level than usual, so preparing sooner rather than later is the way to go.

Booking Yacht Vacations in the Spring

There are few places on earth as beautiful as the BVI and USVI in the springtime. From the vibrant Bougainvilleas in full bloom to the constant sunshine with temperatures hovering throughout the 70’s to pristine blue waters, these islands are a veritable cornucopia of natural beauty. Sailing the BVI can feel like exploring an untouched world, with numerous uninhabited islands along your sailing route just waiting to be explored. The captains and crews that call the Virgin Islands their home tend to know the region like the back of their hand, so if you’d like to stop off and explore an island, they’ll always know just the place.

In addition to the Virgin Island’s perfect climate and natural beauty, spring yacht vacations are quite popular for another reason: leaving the dreary winter season behind. Especially this upcoming year, which will have been marked by the previous year’s stress, countless canceled plans, and other difficulties of all kinds, spring vacation has never looked or felt more like a necessity. Spring 2021 is shaping up to be the best time to leave the trials of 2020 behind you, looking ahead to the possibilities of the next year. Numerous studies have proven that taking even an occasional getaway is remarkably beneficial for one’s physical and mental health, and there’s absolutely no better way to completely unplug from the world, rest, and recover than from the comfort and seclusion of a private yacht.

On conventional vacations, you’re always surrounded by people to some degree, and you still have to make plans as you go, like where to eat dinner or which outing to spend your day on. For some people (especially parents!), going on vacation is every bit as stressful as everyday life. Yacht vacations free you from every cause of stress, even if you’re bringing your kids. From the moment you set foot onboard, you will be taken care of by an attentive crew who is dedicated to keeping you completely comfortable. You decide on a menu and itinerary well before boarding the boat, ensuring that your vacation goes exactly as planned. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for spontaneity! During the planning process, we can build a degree of flexibility into your itinerary that will allow you to choose your adventure depending on how you feel on any given day. Want to stop off to sunbath on that isolated beach? No problem! Interested in spending your afternoon snorkeling? Your crew will make it happen. So whether you prefer a highly-structured vacation built to fit your tastes or you just want a high seas adventure and whatever it entails, our Expert Brokers can find the charter yacht and crew for you.


BVI Boats for Spring 2021

The BVI is home to an incredible quantity and variety of different boats and crews, perhaps even so many that the options can seem overwhelming. While 2 yachts may share similar price points and amenities, they may have incredibly different specializations, with one being centered on relaxation and the other on fast-paced adventure. When you plan your charter with an established brokerage, like Regency, we can help you distill the endless list of boats into just the ones that fit your vacation style. Here are just a few of the best yachts we have available for charter this spring in the BVI:



ultraConsidered by many connoisseurs to be one of the most luxurious catamarans currently sailing the BVI, Ultra offers an unmatched combination of space, performance, and comfort. This recently-launched power catamaran has an abundance of lounge areas, making it perfect for the sunny skies of the BVI. She can accommodate up to 8 guests in 4 cabins: 1 master cabin, 2 queen cabins, and one twin that is ideal for kids, all of which are ensuite. The master cabin is as luxurious as they come, with enough space for a sofa, large closets, and plenty of drawers for storage. Ultra is crewed by Vince and Linda Stracener, a couple who has been making waves in the BVI yacht charter industry for nearly 3 decades.


Foxy Lady

A top-tier Lagoon 620 catamaran, Foxy Lady is based in the Virgin Islands but frequently jaunts around other areas of the Caribbean. This classic sailing catamaran has luxurious accommodations for up to 8 guests, a well-stocked open bar, numerous water toys for the whole family, and a crew that excels at creating a fun environment for everyone on board. Captain Jos and Chef Julia have a wealth of experience in both the hospitality and charter yacht industry and have spent years guiding guests on exciting voyages.


Yolo II

This 52’ Lagoon catamaran is in a league of its own. Fresh from a 2018 refit, Yolo II is built to accommodate 6 guests in absolute luxury. This catamaran offers 3 equally-sized queen staterooms, so every guest aboard has plenty of space to rest and recuperate between days spent on her spacious deck. Yolo II is crewed by the experienced South African duo, Captain Sheldon and Chef/Mate Vanessa, who have numerous commendations from the yachting and restaurant industries, respectively.


Trident Tides

If you’re looking for fast-paced adventure and exciting activities, Trident Tides is virtually unmatched. She is a Catana 47 performance sailing catamaran built for speed without sacrificing the luxury you should expect from your yacht vacation. She has 3 gorgeous cabins, each en suite, a sleek, clean style, and a crew who can handle her well. Captain Zane and Chef/First Mate Shivani know how to show their guests a good time, and they always have an exciting water sport or activity up their sleeves.


Start Planning Today!

There’s no better way to take the pleasant, sunny warmth of spring than from the deck of your own private charter yacht, and there’s no better time than now to start planning your perfect vacation. To get started, all you have to is reach out to us, and our Expert Brokers will take over from there. We can help you build an itinerary that gives you everything you could possibly want from a vacation and more. So why wait? Start planning your vacation with Regency today!


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