Take Your Yacht Vacation to the Next Level

Have you ever been on a trip that just didn’t quite meet your expectations? Maybe you were planning on getting a lot more relaxation time than you actually did, perhaps you ended up spending less time enjoying what your destination had to offer, or maybe you found the location for your vacation just wasn’t what you hoped it would be. Whatever the reason your trip wasn’t a perfect 10, unmet vacation expectations are always disappointing. With a luxury vacation, this is especially true.

One of the best ways to ensure that your vacation is up to your standards is by thorough planning. On a yacht charter vacation, this might look like creating a detailed itinerary, selecting possible activities, choosing the food and drink menus, determining level of flexibility, and going into detail about the accommodations. Seems like a lot, right? That’s where your yacht charter broker comes in.

Planning a yacht charter vacation requires a great deal of insider knowledge, and our Expert Brokers have every bit of information you need to plan your trip with ease. Our brokers can find the captains and crews that suit your vacation style and fill you in on some of the best-kept-secrets of the Caribbean. What’s more, our yacht charter brokers know how to communicate between two parties, taking your vacation goals (no matter how broad!) and translating them into something that a captain and crew can carry out. Want a secluded, relaxed cruise through sparsely-populated waters? We can make it happen. Or are you interested in days full of activities, excursions, and watersports and evenings of dancing and drinks? We can plan everything out for you, so you hit every item on your checklist.

Your Expert Yacht Charter Broker

While yacht charter vacations are easily considered the absolute pinnacle of the luxury vacation world, they can also be more than a little bit challenging to plan. Each boat offers its own unique array of different activities, menus, and accommodations, all of which may vary depending on the time of year you charter as well as the locations on your itinerary.

Regency’s Expert Brokers excel at simplifying the detailed charter planning process into something you can more easily act on. Our brokers take your interests, potential dates, and dietary preferences and distill them into itineraries aboard the best yachts that fit your budget. From there, you have the information you need to pick and choose which items you might like to add or remove from your itinerary, select a yacht that fits your vacation

goals, and ultimately, decide what kind of a vacation you’d most enjoy.

After our brokers have given you your assortment of options, you’ll likely have a few questions about the various yachts, crews, and accommodations.

Our Expert Brokers have the information needed to answer any question you might have and then some. We’ve personally been aboard almost every yacht we work with and have personal relationships with many crews. Our insider knowledge, personal experience, and care for your preferences combine to perfectly position us to help you craft the vacation of your dreams. Our only goal is to make sure that you get the absolute most out of your luxury yacht vacation.

Sailing Around the World

One of the best parts of travelling by yacht charter is the access to otherwise completely secluded locations all over the world. From the countless miniscule islets scattered throughout the Caribbean and Virgin Islands to the historic port towns dotting the coast of the Mediterranean, even to the complete isolation of the Antarctic, Regency Yacht Vacations offers options for nearly every locale. Having sailed in nearly every corner of the world, our brokers have the experience needed to create world-class vacations tailored specifically to your tastes.

Chartering with a broker ensures that you experience every location to its fullest. After all, if you travel halfway around the world, shouldn’t you see the best parts of your destination? Our carefully planned itineraries provide you with detailed information on the best parts of each of your outings. If you’d prefer something a bit more spontaneous without losing structure, we can easily build your itinerary with that in mind. And don’t forget to chat with the crew! Your captain will likely know about some exciting outings and interesting spots that you can enjoy as well as plenty of sea stories.

Whether you decide to charter in the BVI, some other part of the Caribbean, or the Mediterranean, Regency Yacht Vacations has countless options available to you throughout the year. You deserve nothing less than world-class treatment, and with Regency, you’re sure to get it.

Regency Yacht Vacations Makes Globetrotting Easy

Oftentimes, vacations are full of sources of the same stress you’re trying to leave behind. Whether you’re figuring out transportation or ensuring that you have everything you need every time you leave the hotel, the challenges of day-to-day life can be difficult to avoid.

Aboard a private charter yacht, you’ll find that stress just can’t take root.

Yacht vacations aren’t just another getaway. They represent the peak of both luxury and exciting travel. From the deck of your own private boat, you can take in parts of the world that few have had the pleasure of seeing. From gorgeous, unblemished beaches that you can relax on without anyone in sight to reefs populated with vibrant sealife to sunsets over calm waters, private yachts allow you to better appreciate the finer things in life without ever being far from world-class comfort. Then, once you get your fill of any one place, you simply set sail again, floating toward some new and exciting adventure.

Being on board a yacht charter removes the stress of getting from point A to point B from travelling. While on board, you never feel like you’re just trying to get to the next thing, because every part of the journey has something new and unique to appreciate. Even restful downtime is enhanced by the sounds of the sea and the presence of a handcrafted drink nearby. Even the most lackadaisical sailing vacation never feels like a moment is being wasted, while faster-paced trips never feel rushed.

From the deck of your yacht, it’s easy to appreciate the beauty of the natural world and the company of those closest to you.

Book Your Perfect Vacation

One thing that we like to remind our clients is that it’s never too early to start the planning process. The earlier you start, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to get exactly the boat you want in the time frame that best suits your group. Some yachts may even be booked a year in advance at peak times, so by starting the conversation now, you’ll be afforded more options.

If you’re interested in chatting with one of our Expert Brokers, learning more about a specific boat and what it has to offer, or you’d like to learn more about what a yacht vacation might look like for you, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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