How the Perfect Crew Can Shape Your Ideal Yacht Charter Experience

Whether you are interested in chartering a small boat for a week in the BVI with several close friends or larger yacht for a summer spent along the Amalfi coast, one thing is often overlooked when you first start planning your vacation: the crew.

You may think that planning your vacation begins and ends with finding the perfect yacht and scheduling your trip, but the crew is every bit as important (perhaps even moreso!) as finding a boat you like in a location you want to explore. The crew is responsible for creating your ideal vacation environment, so finding a crew that excels at your ideal vacation style is an important part of the planning process. But how are you to know what sort of crew matches up with your vacation style? That’s where Regency’s experienced yacht charter brokers come in, helping you choose from a wide array of crewed yacht charters BVI and beyond.

Crewed Yacht Charters BVI and Beyond

For first-time charterers, you may not have spent much time considering the crew when planning your vacation. Don’t worry, we work with people in this position all the time, and it’s part of why planning with one of our experienced brokers is so helpful.

To help you better understand why finding the ideal crew for your vacation style is important, just take a moment to review the yachts we have available for charter. There are an extraordinarily wide variety of shapes and sizes, in unique locations across the globe, from the sunny Caribbean to the classic Turkish coastline to the pristine Arctic Circle. You might see a massive megayacht, with every luxury and amenity you can imagine, or a classic sloop, ready for adventure at a moment’s notice. The point is, no two of the yachts you will see on our page are the same.

Each of these boats has a crew every bit as unique as the vessel itself and journeys it embarks on. Some crews excel at providing an environment of total relaxation, creating a vacation where you can completely disconnect from the stresses of day-to-day life and just sit back and enjoy the sun, sea, and a few delicious cocktails. On the other hand, some crews are talented at giving you and your group a high seas adventure, full to the brim with hidden grotto exploration , thrilling watersports, and evenings spent either dancing the night away at beach bars or enjoying elegant meals at world-class restaurants.

And that’s only mentioning what differentiates a crew on the surface level. Many charterers and crews end up building real friendships while on board, so finding a crew that you will connect with is an important part of planning your vacation. This is where Regency brokers really excel. We have personal relationships with many of the crews we represent, and we are familiar with each crew’s qualities that make them unique. So whether you’re interested in chartering with the captain who makes the best mojito in the Caribbean, the captain who knows all the best fishing spots like the back of their hand, or the first mate who can whip up one of the freshest and most delicious dinners you’ve ever had, we can help you figure out how to make it happen.

Meet a Few of the Crews

When you start the charter planning process, the sheer variety of options available to you may seem daunting. Our brokers can help you navigate the trip planning process, working with you to turn your vacation preferences into a real plan. When it comes to selecting a crew, our years of yacht charter experience really comes into play, as we take your preferences and vacation goals and translate them into a matchmaking experience to find the perfect crew for you.

As we mentioned above, each crew is as unique as the yacht they work on. Here are just a few of the crews and yachts we work with.

Bagheera sailingBagheera

A brand new Lagoon 620 Essence, Bagheera is one of the most elegant cats in BVI, and she crewed by an incredibly professional crew of 3. English Captain Alex Mulder is a seasoned sailor with over 260,000 miles under his belt. He has a encyclopedic knowledge of the Caribbean Isles, and loves sharing his knowledge of lesser-known locations with guests. Alex has been sailing since childhood, and he has done 15 full ocean crossings. With an MCA-RYA Master Ocean Certification, a PADI Open Water Dive Certification, and a steadfast commitment to first-class service, Alex is prepared for just about any activity you can throw at him.

As far a culinary creations and accomodations go, Brazilian-Italian Chef Carla Mulder offers a unique flair that ensures you enjoy every second of your vacation. Chef Carla’s world-class menu is crafted from fresh, local ingredients that make every meal into a memorable experience. She is also skillfully pairs wine with each of her meals, elevating each course. Carla’s passion for delicious cuisine dates back to her childhood in Italy, where she first explored the art of cooking. This love for good food drove her formal training at Ashburton Culinary College in London, which equipped her to work on several different megayachts hosting the famous, wealthy, and business elite.

Alex and Carla are assisted in their duties by third crew member Georgina Sabua, who helps ensure that every guest need has been thoroughly catered to.


A relatively new catamaran to the BVI, Joy is a Lagoon 52 constructed in 2017 for the most discerning clientele. Joy is crewed by French husband-and-wife duo, Patrick and Pascale Gomilla. Captain Patrick Gomilla has been sailing since he was a teenager, building his first sailboat in his late teens which he sailed on weekends and while on vacation. He later started and ran a small business for 15 years, before finally devoting himself to his real passion, sailing, over 25 years ago. Since then, Patrick has become renowned for his professionalism, mastery of sailing, and love for showing guests the ropes, both literally and figuratively! He knows everything there is to know about sailing as well as the location of the finest snorkeling spots.

Also a brilliant sailor, Pascale Gomilla is an accomplished chef, with numerous awards and accolades to prove it. She specializes in Mediterranean and Caribbean cuisine, and always enjoys getting to share her talents with guests. Pascale is a laid-back person who excels at creating a relaxed environment, perfect for laying back and soaking up the sun on deck.


Catalyst is an affordable and exciting option for exploring the BVI. This exciting cat is crewed by a sole captain and incredible jack-of-all-trades, Captain Alan Roberts. Captain Alan has a long list of accolades from the Canadian hospitality industry and has worked in several of Canada’s finest restaurants. Additionally, Alan has worked in multiple upscale bars, where he perfected the art of the cocktail. Alan has been a professional captain for nearly 10 years now, but he has been sailing since childhood, enjoying frequent family vacations on Lake Huron and Cape Cod. He is a certified divemaster, making Catalyst a perfect choice for scuba outings.

How Regency Can Help You Plan Your Dream Vacation

Just by giving the boats and crews listed above a quick glance, it’s pretty easy to see that, while crews may have some things in common, they are made up of very different people. When you charter with Regency, you are guaranteeing that the crew you are paired with has been selected specifically to help you enjoy your dream vacation.

Why wait on your dream vacation? You can start the planning process right now and soon find yourself lying in the sun, enjoying the sound of the sea, and seeing every need catered to. So contact us today for a free consultation, and together, we’ll plan your perfect vacation.

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