Enjoy the Relaxed Nature of a Sailing Yacht Charter

Do you ever dream of waking up to the soft sounds of the sea? Gentle waves, the distant call of seafaring birds, the sound of wind dancing through the sails? Imagine for a moment how that might feel.

As you wake, you might hop out of your comfortable bed before heading above deck to enjoy the caress of the morning breeze. You take deep breath and notice the smell of fresh coffee wafting through the air.

On board an inclusive sailing charter, this is an example of how every day can begin, and as the day passes, you will only enjoy countless more moments, ranging from exquisite meals to daily expeditions to hidden beaches to handcrafted cocktails. How and what you enjoy while aboard is completely up to you!

Chart Your Own Course Aboard a Private Sailing Charter

In contrast to fast-and-sporty power yachts, sailing yachts tend to offer up a slightly more laid-back atmosphere where relaxation is king. But for many of you, relaxation doesn’t simply mean lounging the days away. For the more active vacationers, sailing charters typically offer a wide variety of exciting activities, from water sports to scuba diving to deep sea fishing. Figuring out which sailing yacht and crew match your vacation style is a critical part of planning your ideal vacation, which is why chartering with an expert broker is so important.

At Regency Yacht Vacations, we have a deep knowledge of the yacht charter industry and close relationships with many captains and crews all across the world. Beyond our deep understanding of charter yachts and crew relationships, we help you explore the wide variety of options that we put at your disposal. Looking for a ship and captain that can keep you completely off the grid for a week or more? Done. Do you want a captain who knows and can drop you off at the finest nightlife hotspots in the BVI? Not a problem. Are you looking for a yacht that can take your entire family to experience new cultures? We can help you find it.

One of the best aspects of a sailing charter is having the ability and freedom to choose exactly what you want to do. Whether you want a meticulously planned vacation to ensure that you get to do everything you might want, a carefree jaunt with little in the way of planning, or something in between, we can help you figure out how to plan your perfect trip. No matter your vacation style, there are sailing charters, BVI and beyond, available to fit your unique style.

An Always-Enjoyable Vacation

Now that we’ve gone over the true flexibility of a sailing charter as well as a few different possibilities while on board, you may be wondering what is really in store for you after you plan your charter. While the specifics vary wildly from person to person, one outcome is true across the board: you will enjoy one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

A charter isn’t just about enjoying the luxuries of a private yacht for a week or more, it’s about celebrating new love or rekindling romance. It’s about growing closer as friends or family. It’s about creating a shared experience that you and your party of two, four, or seventeen will be able to cherish for your entire lives. Sailing charters create an opportunity for togetherness that can be hard to attain when everyone is going their own separate way by encouraging everyone on board to slow down, enjoy a meal together, and simply spend quality time with each other. This begs the question, what should you do with your quality time?

While the answer to this question is very much up to you and is a major part of what we’ll go over in the planning process, available activities will vary from boat to boat, especially if you’re on a sailing charter. We work hard to gauge your interests in the planning phase, figuring out exactly what you want to do on your vacation, then providing you with all your available options, allowing you to choose what seems ideal to you.

A Wide-Variety of Different Boats

Sailing charter yachts as widely varied as you can imagine, coming in an incredible array of shapes, sizes, and price points. Some are basically a floating island, complete with amazingly well-equipped bars and bartenders to match, while others are more traditionally-styled and adventure-ready. Here are just a few of the different boats we have available for charter throughout the BVI, Grenadines, Caribbean, and Leeward Islands.


Often described as “both the journey and the destination,” Quest is a classic sailing catamaran that offers loads of charm and opportunity for adventure. Quest has ample indoor and outdoor dining seating, large nets for lounging on the forward bow, and accommodations for up to 6 guests. On top of all that, Quest is part of the Green Initiative, using no plastic cups and preparing food with local produce.


This relatively new catamaran is an ode to sunshine, with multiple large windows that fill its cabins and salon with gorgeous natural light. A3 comfortably accommodates up to 8 guests in 3 queen cabins and 1 twin cabin. The interior is masterfully designed to take advantage of the sunshine, featuring light woods and color schemes. With a kid-friendly atmosphere, A3 is perfect for the whole family.

Xenia 74 alfresco diningXenia 74

The flagship of the Privilege range, Xenia 74 is nothing less than one of the finest sailing yachts available for charter today. This sizeable 74’ cat features ample accomodations for up to 8 guests, an impeccably designed and impossibly comfortable interior, a massive master cabin, and a gorgeous flybridge with plenty of seating. Traveling aboard this sailing catamaran is like living in your own floating 5-star resort, complete with her superlative 4 person crew.

Sailing Charters BVI and Beyond

At Regency, we love planning sailing charters because they reflect your distinct tastes and goals. Your vacation should be unique to you, and sailing charters allow you to create a vacation that is wholly and completely your own. No two charters we have ever planned have been exactly the same, so you know that we have experience in creating unique trips, no matter where you go or what you want to do. So whether you’re looking for a small sailing boat so that you can spend a week fishing, accommodations for the whole family to go on an adventure hopping between exotic islands, or a relaxed stay aboard a private and personal yacht, just you and a loved one, Regency Yacht Vacations can help you plan your perfect sailing charters BVI and beyond.

Feel free to contact us anytime to schedule a consultation with one of our expert yacht charter brokers.

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