Can’t-Miss Luxury Sailing Yachts in the BVI for 2020

Total relaxation. It’s an elusive concept that, for many of you, may seem like nothing more than a pipe-dream. When thinking about getting the relaxation you need to really recharge, your mind probably wanders to your ideal vacation. But on the average vacation, you might find that you often end up continuing the patterns that keep you from total relaxation. You might spend your time trying to figure out the best way to get from one stop to the next, locating the restaurant with the best dinner, or searching an unfamiliar area for the best cocktail bar. You might even find the stresses of your everyday life trying to sneak into your vacation time. Sometimes, it can be hard to think of a vacation as a vacation.

This is where yacht vacations really set themselves apart from the average getaway.

A yacht charter vacation allows you to completely separate yourself from the stresses of day-to-day life, something that can be hard to do on most vacations. The freedom you experience from the deck of your own private charter yacht has a way of dismissing those little stressors, providing you with ample time to unwind, enjoy the company of those you love most, and completely relax. From the moment you set foot on board, you will be treated to every luxury and experience you could possibly want, with options A, B and C planned in advance. Should you decide you alter your plans while sailing, all you have to do is say the word. Itineraries can be built with the level of flexibility that you are comfortable with, allowing you to experience the best of any locale.

Experience the BVI in the Best Way Possible

zingara main

Widely considered to be one of the world’s finest sailing locations, the BVI is an absolutely stunning location and where we at Regency Yacht Vacations call home. This 35-mile chain of islands located in the Caribbean offers multiple world-renowned harbors and anchorages, a plethora of gorgeous beaches, year-round sunshine and warmth, and clear, calm waters perfect for sailing, snorkeling, scuba, swimming, and so much more. Most importantly, the BVI is home to one of the world’s largest fleet of charter yachts.

The size of the fleet available in the BVI provides you with countless possibilities, giving you the power to choose the perfect yacht and crew for your vacation style. We also realize that so many options can seem overwhelming, especially if you haven’t visited the BVI before. At Regency Yacht Vacations, we specialize in crafting custom vacation itineraries for any interest or style. Our Expert Brokers have personal relationships with many crews in the BVI, so we can provide insight as you choose from our selections.

The nearly limitless possibilities present in a tropical sailboat charter, BVI and beyond, allows you to enjoy the islands in the way that best fits you and your group’s personality and style. If you are looking for long afternoons spent lounging on deck, drink in hand, there are many captains and crews who specialize in creating an environment focused solely on your relaxation. If you’d prefer a trip with more activities, most yachts also offer an assortment of exciting water activities, ranging from kayaks to waterskis to giant floaties.

At Regency Yacht Vacations, our goal is simple: we want to help you enjoy the best, most relaxing vacation experience possible. Whether you charter a massive power catamaran with the entire extended family or a charming sailboat, just you and a loved one, we can help create the ideal experience to fit your vacation style.

Stunning Sailing Catamarans in the BVI

As we mentioned above, the BVI is home to one of the largest sailboat charter fleets in the world, so there are a lot of different options for you to choose from. In order to completely eliminate the stress of vacation-planning, our Expert Brokers guide you through the process of selecting a yacht and planning your vacation, giving you insider information on every available option. We make our recommendations specifically to help you meet your unique vacation goals.

Here are just a couple of the amazingly luxurious options we have for sailboat charters currently in the BVI:


maverick saloon

Boasting a sleek and striking style all her own, Maverick is one of the BVI’s most stunning sailing catamarans. An utterly exquisite Sunreef 70, this catamaran offers a clean, modern, and wholly unique design that perfectly blends style and comfort. Maverick also has a remarkably flexible layout that is great for families, with 3 VIP double cabins that have king beds, one of which has a very small Pullman intended for a baby, a guest cabin with 2 single beds and a Pullman for a small child, and a single forepeak cabin, which has space for 1 person (the forepeak cabin offers easy deck access and no bathroom). Maverick is crewed by 3 world travelers, South African/British Captain Nicholas Bunting, British Chef Richard West, and American Stewardess Elizabeth Boyle. These three work together to make sure that you get the absolute most out of your experience aboard Maverick, emphasizing total relaxation and enjoyment of the many amenities offered on board.


Xenia 74

One of the most acclaimed catamarans currently sailing the BVI, Xenia 74 offers a unique combination of every modern amenity you could want and the classic luxury yachting experience. The flagship of the award-winning Xenia fleet, Xenia 74 is a cutting-edge Privilege 745, featuring only the finest accommodations for up to 8 guests. With an incredibly spacious main deck and a large, stylish salon, Xenia 74 provides guests ample space to completely enjoy their time aboard. Xenia 74 also boasts a large flybridge, perfect for afternoons spent lounging and enjoying the sunshine. Xenia 74 is crewed by 4 consummate professionals, led by the incomparable Captain Tony and Chef/First Mate Kate. This crew is well-known for their dedication to 5-star service, ensuring that you fully experience this boat’s luxurious environment during your time aboard.

These two catamarans are excellent examples of the level of luxury you can find in the BVI. Whether you decide to charter one of these spacious, stylish catamarans or something smaller and sportier, our Expert Brokers will find you the perfect sailboat charter, BVI and beyond.

What a Sailing Vacation Might Look Like

A uniquely relaxing experience, yacht vacations provide you with something that can be hard to find: space. Space not simply to roam around your yacht, but space to think, space to recharge, space to really enjoy your surroundings rather than just watch them pass by. This freedom is what really separates yacht charters from more conventional vacations. You have the ability to completely remove yourself from your day-to-day life, allowing you to focus on relaxation and spending time with those closest to you.

Your Sailboat Charter BVI and Beyond

If you’re interested in enjoying your own charter yacht vacation, our Expert Brokers are always at the ready to help you plan the perfect vacation. We can help set a few vacation goals, plan for the best time of year for your schedule, explore the yachts currently in the BVI, and create an itinerary that gives you everything you could want from your vacation.

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