Learn or Play: Try Unlimited SCUBA Diving On Your Next Adventure

Have you ever heard of the Spanish Virgin Islands (SVI)? Or does the name Passage Islands ring any bells? Odds are you don’t know that these are the islands just off the coast of Puerto Rico. Luckily for you we know just the crew who have made these gems their base for what can become your next private getaway.

Manna Culebrita SVISpanish Virgin Islands Adventure!

The Spanish Virgin Islands are made up of the inhabited islands of Culebra and Vieques along with their surrounding islets and cays. We can go on forever describing the allure and beauty of the Spanish Virgin Islands with its pristine and unspoiled islands, with spacious deserted white sandy beaches; crystal clear turquoise blue water, and healthy intact reefs teeming with fish, coral and crustaceans. There are hills to hike and explore; nearly empty anchorages, and the natural charm of the Virgin Islands from long ago.

If you are looking for a completely relaxing, remote escape to pure paradise for your next vacation aboard a sailing charter, then MANNA and the Spanish Virgin Islands are your answer!
Chartering with MANNA also affords the amazing opportunity to explore a world not seen by many others. we’re speaking about the breathtaking underwater world only accessed by SCUBA diving.


MANNA is a fun and capable, 53 foot, Royal Cape sailing catamaran. She is well appointed and comfortable. Royal Cape catamarans are known globally for their great size to accommodation space, so it’s no surprise that she smartly sleeps a maximum of 8 guests, MANNA is great for your adventurous group of friends or family. MANNA is fitted with 4 cabins each with en suite heads
MANNA is outfitted with two diving compressors, 10 new 3300 psi 80 aluminum tanks, a 10 Person Floating island, 2 Paddle boards, 3 person Kayak, Water Ski. 1 Subwing, and a 3 person tube. You will never have a shortage of exhilarating activities to do while on charter. If you’re already a certified SCUBA diver, Captain Wayne includes UNLIMITED diving in the charter rate. Imagine exploring beautiful reefs and viewing rare aquatic life for as many times as you want while on charter. What if you aren’t a certified SCUBA diver? MANNA also offers a plethora of SCUBA courses that can get you on your way to being fully PADI certified in no time. Ask us how to book with Wayne & Emily on MANNA!


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