Wonderfully Warm Winters Await You In The Caribbean

Xenia62 at anchor
Xenia62 At Anchor

Sunshine is a daily affair in the tropics. Blue skies and the many blue shades of the ocean. What is not to love? The Caribbean winter temperatures average about 80 degrees with balmy evenings dropping down a mere 5 degrees.

Does this have any appeal? Let us know – Regency brokers can set you up with a crewed yacht vacation.

Do you remember the old saying?

No shirt, No shoes, No problem!

It still happens here in the BVI.

Barefoot luxury is being waited on hand and foot aboard a boat. It is a ‘shoe in’ winner for the well-traveled. Sail in style with a steady breeze. There is a reason the British Virgin Islands are a sailing mecca offering a perfect recipe for sailing enthusiasts or wannabees. You may want to toast your decision to charter on the aft deck at a sunset. Sunset served daily at Happy Hour.

foot steps sea shore

Breakfast in one bay, lunch on another island and dine al fresco in your overnight anchorage. This might be a hectic pace to maintain with so many alternatives……

In a calm bay

On any given day,

The water toys come out to play.

Then your crew put them away.

Take a walk along the beach – yours may be the only footprints in the sand. Other days, you might take a hike or just chill out soaking up the sun. Enjoy an island adventure, take a land tour and visit some historical highlights or have a cocktail ashore. You set the pace, busy and active or relaxed and tranquil.

Did I mention the water is warm too? Snorkeling is fun to see the tropical fish. If you are a certified diver there is even more to see. Explore the depths, some wrecks and the underwater gardens with their fishy friends.

Is this something for you?  Share the experience with some not so fishy friends!

snorkel family

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