Mega yachts support the Bahamas!

yacht le reve

Regency Vacations is pleased share that some of the larger vessels we work with are contributing a percentage of their profits to the disaster torn Abaco Islands of the Bahamas.

yacht mambo

Some nearby charter yachts have already been on the scene to assist.

It will be a long road to recovery and the cost will be enormous. With firsthand experience of the devastation a massive hurricane can inflict, we are happy to spread the news that these yachts  are contributing through Yacht Aid Global to this popular destination. The Bahamas is comprised of two distinct sets of islands which depend heavily on tourism, the Abacos sustained major damage, but luckily the nearby Exuma Islands including the gorgeous Exuma National Park were left virtually untouched.

yacht hospitality

Charter Yachts Making a Difference

The charter yachts below are among the first to sign up for this philanthropic Charter for Charity.

Hospitality 164’ 12 pax

Tanzanite 155’ 10 pax

yacht starlight

Le Reve 110’ 8 pax

Mambo 112’ 8 pax

Starlight 106’ 6 pax

At Regency, we understand first hand the catastrophe a hurricane can cause, with the Virgin Islands facing two category 5 hurricanes just a few years ago. We are elated to know that some yachts are taking the initiative and donating a portions of their income to help one of the locations the famously charter in. 

Contact us for more information about how you can get on board to Charter for Charity.

yacht tanzanite

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