Sea Boss

Location: BVI, Virgin Islands, Caribbean, Bahamas
Type: Catamaran Yacht
Guests: 6
Crew: 2
Cabins: 3
Price: $33,000 - $37,000

Sea Boss, is an award winning custom built Horizon 60 power catamaran. Sea Boss is crewed by Captain Stu and gourmet chef Hannah. Her sleek, modern, clean lines ensure timeless beauty and will turn heads at every dock she visits. Sea Boss has 3 luxurious staterooms including an enormous full-beam master suite. She can accommodate up to 6 guests and her highly refined  hull design make for a remarkably smooth, soft and comfortable ride, regardless of the sea conditions.

Sea Boss, with Stu and Hannah as crew are sure to be a wise choice for your charter vacation.

  • Spacious contemporary design
  • 60 ft Horizon power catamaran with 20 kts top speed
  • Large 19 ft tender with a 150 hp outboard when in the Virgin Islands
  • 2019 Award winning Motor yacht

Standard Bar Menu

Subject to brand changes. Quantities are 1-2 bottles of each on board as standard. Other Types/Brands of beverages may be requested and provided depending on availability. Excessive requests may incur a surcharge.

 2 Bottles of complimentary top Shelf Champagne

     White Wines: $15 – $20 per bottle

Sauvignon Blanc                       Pinot Grigio

Chardonnay                               Prosecco

      Red Wines: $15 – $20 per bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon                 Merlot

Pinot Noir

                  Mixing Spirits:

Vodka                                             Gin

Rum Extra Dark                           Rum Dark

Rum White                                   Coconut Rum

Tequila White                              Tequila Dark


Bourbon Whisky                       Single Malt Whisky

Irish whisky                                Crown royal

Sipping rum                                Baileys

Brandy                                         Sherry

Kahlua                                         Amaretto

Frangelico                                   Tequila White

Tequila Dark                              Limoncello

Cointreau                                    Grande Marnier

                     Alcoholic Mixers:

Aperol                                         Vermouth Extra Dry

Vermouth Rosso                       Triple Sec

Blue Curacao

        Non Alcoholic Cocktail Mixers:

Strawberry Daiquiri Mix           Margaritas Mix

Grenadine                                     Sour Mixer

                Non Alcoholic Mixers

Lemon and Limes                     Lemon Juice

Lime Juice                                  Orange Juice

Passion Juice                             Pineapple Juice

Mango Juice                              Apple Juice

Grapefruit Juice                        Cranberry Juice

Guava Juice


Ginger Beer                                Ginger Ales

Sprite                                          Sprite Zero

Coca Cola                                   Diet Coke or Coke Zero

Ting                                            Tonic Water

Soda Water                               Sparkling Water

             Extra Cocktail Ingredients:

Bitters                                        Tabasco Sauce

Horse Radish Sauc                 Worcestershire Sauce

Coconut Cream                       Cocktail Olives

Cocktail Onions                      Maraschino Cherries

Fresh Min