Bobbi Fawcett - Yacht and Charter Broker

Australian Bobbi Fawcett first sailed from Africa into the BVI in 1989 to participate in the BVI Charter Show on board Jaguar, a sleek Alden design with wooden masts. Chartering throughout the Caribbean, Bobbi delighted in introducing guests to the pristine waters and the sights and sounds for the next 12 years. Although talented in the galley, Captain Bobbi Fawcett has a 100 ton license and skippered yachts during this period as well.

Professional, Hands On Experience

Jumping ship in 1997 she transitioned from sails into sales, becoming the editor and account executive for the BVI Marine Guide and oversaw the Guide’s production for over 20 years. Self-taught, Bobbi worked concurrently over the years as an independent contractor for the St Thomas Daily Newspaper, ZBVI Radio, inflight publications, the BVI Chamber of Commerce in room publication and more recently, the Super Yacht Services Guide.
Carrying her can-do attitude from both selling and sailing careers along with her firsthand knowledge of the intricacies of crewed chartering has proven beneficial to her clients. Her depth of knowledge allows her to grasp quickly the nuances of her client’s needs. Her tenacity, flexibility combined with attention to detail, joie de vivre and humour allow her to help you plan a memorable charter vacation.