Harle the 146 ft Feadship

What’s especially great this January and February? All the value you want with a deluxe vacation aboard a classic Feadship, Harle. All 146 feet of her is wintering in the Caribbean. Captain Drew and his crew are ready to host you, your family or friends. Escape winter’s blues. 9 knowledgable crew aboard this megayacht make for some professional pampering at a moment’s notice. The innovative engineering and design elements are maintained but … Read more

Beautiful Behemoths of The Antigua Yacht Show

After showing us the cinema, the steam room and the spa, “Our guests love the heated onyx floor in the his and hers master bathrooms” articulated the chief stewardess as she led us around the five decks of the motor yacht Eminence. On another megayacht – with the push of a button – a balcony lowers, the safety barrier folds up and the glass doors open. Your morning coffee will be delivered. … Read more

octopus dish

The Sweet Spot – Culinary Treats

Crews and boats in the Regency Fleet triumphed in many of the competitive categories and opportunities at the CYS Charter Yacht Show at Nanny Cay Marina in November 2019. Similar to any trade show level of activity – Boatshows start early and end at the end. The networking and interaction between crews, clearing agents, brokers and some service providers is constant for several days. The stamina needed to both contribute and absorb … Read more

Sea Boss Health And Wellness Charters

Sea Boss Health and Wellness Charters. Onboard Sea Boss we often get families or groups of people who vacation a lot and while they want pampering, luxury, high end, all inclusive service sometimes they also want to maintain their healthy lifestyle. Its not necessarily the one week a year where you can over indulge 24/7. For some lucky people they travel and vacation for many weeks of the year. These are the … Read more

family on bow

A Few Unique Yachts for Exploring the Caribbean

Around mid- to late-November, many people start daydreaming about what their ideal vacation might be. As the days grow shorter and the holiday to-do list grows longer, the idea of just getting away for awhile to enjoy some warm sunshine becomes incredibly appealing. As you carry out your holiday-related tasks and errands, it’s easy to dream about somewhere sunnier. Somewhere where you can spend your days lounging with a cocktail in hand, … Read more

bvi charter show

Ready Set Go, to the VI Charter Shows!

We are either coming out of hibernation or back from vacation. Airing out the yachts and checking the To Do List preparing for your vacation. Various technical experts may be employed ensuring both safety and aesthetics will surpass average standards ready for our next charter season. After the technicians leave, it is spit and polish all the way to sparkling and gleaming ready to welcome brokers aboard for the white glove inspection. … Read more

kite boarding

The Newest Olympic Sport On Our Very Own Oculus

Kite foil racing will be debuting at the Paris Olympic Games in 2024 and become a permanent sport. Although relatively new, this version of kite-boarding offers an adrenaline rush for those that love speed on the water. Kite foil racing is a form of kite-surfing with a hydrofoil connected to a long fin under the board, a little like the secret winged keel of the America’s Cup winner, Australia II, 32 years … Read more

Now is the Time to Book Catamarans in the BVI!

If you want to plan the perfect vacation, it helps to have time on your side. Like anything you might plan in advance, the more time you have available, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Catamaran charters in the BVI are no different. One of the best parts of a BVI yacht charter is the fact that they are completely customized to … Read more

yacht le reve

Mega yachts support the Bahamas!

Regency Vacations is pleased share that some of the larger vessels we work with are contributing a percentage of their profits to the disaster torn Abaco Islands of the Bahamas. Some nearby charter yachts have already been on the scene to assist. It will be a long road to recovery and the cost will be enormous. With firsthand experience of the devastation a massive hurricane can inflict, we are happy to spread … Read more


BVI Yacht Charters for Your Whole Family

When you think of the phrase “family vacation” there is a good chance that you immediately begin to recall cherished memories. Memories of camping under the stars might come to mind, or maybe lounging beachside for hours with a well-stocked cooler just within reach. You might recall details that you wouldn’t ever be able to from everyday life, such as what you ate at one particularly delicious dinner or how relaxed you … Read more