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Yacht Vacations Might Be This Winter’s Most Popular Getaway

As you might have noticed, things aren’t exactly normal right now, which we discussed in our blog post last month. Regency and all of the yachts and crews we represent are complying with all stay-at-home guidelines recommended by our respective local governments. But that doesn’t mean we’re not still hard at work planning for the future. As challenging as things might be right now, there’s still good reason to believe that some yachts … Read more

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Head to Warmer Waters with a Winter Yacht Charter

In our opinion, there’s no better time to get away than in the dead of winter. You can escape the short days, low light and cold weather, while taking the time to relax far from work and everyday life. Winter vacations are the perfect time to recharge, regroup, and most of all, enjoy a healthy dose of privacy and comfort, and there’s no better winter vacation than a yacht trip meticulously planned … Read more

In case you were wondering……….

We are not at the beach, snorkeling or diving on a coral reef and nor are we resting on our laurels under a palm tree with a cocktail in hand. We are not sailing from one quiet cove to the next beach bar with live music. We are in the BVI office fielding calls, answering questions and even responding to new enquiries. Somewhere over the rainbow – bluer skies and sunny days … Read more

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Take Your Yacht Vacation to the Next Level

Have you ever been on a trip that just didn’t quite meet your expectations? Maybe you were planning on getting a lot more relaxation time than you actually did, perhaps you ended up spending less time enjoying what your destination had to offer, or maybe you found the location for your vacation just wasn’t what you hoped it would be. Whatever the reason your trip wasn’t a perfect 10, unmet vacation expectations … Read more

Worry Free Chartering

They stow the provisions, the drinks and the snacks you prefer. If you want to scuba-dive they will make the arrangements. Relax, a planned customized menu creatively served will make you feel indulged. Insert a link to a menu here Elysium maybe. Your crew are built-in concierges, offering daily options of what to do and where to go. Do you want to dine ashore? Or have a massage? Ask the crew for recommendations and reservations but be prepared to be impulsive as well and go with the flow as you unwind.

Now about that anticipation — it is included each time you book a crewed charter yacht. When will you go? Where will you go? Who is going with you? Thinking

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Xenia Fleet: Crewed Yacht Charters on Virgin Islands

Small, medium and large size boats, all Privilege catamarans make up the Xenia Fleet. Xenia 50, Xenia 62 and Xenia 74 are all heading down island this summer. If you have set your sights on a summer vacation with family or friends, it is not too early to book. Like birds migrate, so do many charter yachts. Some go to the Mediterranean but the Caribbean boats head south in July. This leaves … Read more

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Wonderfully Warm Winters Await You In The Caribbean

Sunshine is a daily affair in the tropics. Blue skies and the many blue shades of the ocean. What is not to love? The Caribbean winter temperatures average about 80 degrees with balmy evenings dropping down a mere 5 degrees. Does this have any appeal? Let us know – Regency brokers can set you up with a crewed yacht vacation. Do you remember the old saying? No shirt, No shoes, No problem! … Read more


Can’t-Miss Luxury Sailing Yachts in the BVI for 2020

Total relaxation. It’s an elusive concept that, for many of you, may seem like nothing more than a pipe-dream. When thinking about getting the relaxation you need to really recharge, your mind probably wanders to your ideal vacation. But on the average vacation, you might find that you often end up continuing the patterns that keep you from total relaxation. You might spend your time trying to figure out the best way … Read more


Cheers To Our New Quartet!

Four fabulous power catamarans have joined the Regency Fleet since the new year. This quartet of cats are all Horizon models ranging from 52 to 65 foot, a welcome addition to our expanding fleet. Clicking the name of each boat will lead you to more information. Sea Boss is an award winning 60ft custom built luxury multi-hull. The fun-loving professional team of Captain Nathan and Chef Laura offer a unique yachting vacation. … Read more

Harle the 146 ft Feadship

What’s especially great this January and February? All the value you want with a deluxe vacation aboard a classic Feadship, Harle. All 146 feet of her is wintering in the Caribbean. Captain Drew and his crew are ready to host you, your family or friends. Escape winter’s blues. 9 knowledgeable crew aboard this megayacht make for some professional pampering at a moment’s notice. The innovative engineering and design elements are maintained but … Read more