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The Newest Olympic Sport On Our Very Own Oculus

Kite foil racing will be debuting at the Paris Olympic Games in 2024 and become a permanent sport. Although relatively new, this version of kite-boarding offers an adrenaline rush for those that love speed on the water. Kite foil racing is a form of kite-surfing with a hydrofoil connected to a long fin under the board, a little like the secret winged keel of the America’s Cup winner, Australia II, 32 years … Read more

Now is the Time to Book Catamarans in the BVI!

If you want to plan the perfect vacation, it helps to have time on your side. Like anything you might plan in advance, the more time you have available, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Catamaran charters in the BVI are no different. One of the best parts of a BVI yacht charter is the fact that they are completely customized to … Read more

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Mega yachts support the Bahamas!

Regency Vacations is pleased share that some of the larger vessels we work with are contributing a percentage of their profits to the disaster torn Abaco Islands of the Bahamas. Some nearby charter yachts have already been on the scene to assist. It will be a long road to recovery and the cost will be enormous. With firsthand experience of the devastation a massive hurricane can inflict, we are happy to spread … Read more


BVI Yacht Charters for Your Whole Family

When you think of the phrase “family vacation” there is a good chance that you immediately begin to recall cherished memories. Memories of camping under the stars might come to mind, or maybe lounging beachside for hours with a well-stocked cooler just within reach. You might recall details that you wouldn’t ever be able to from everyday life, such as what you ate at one particularly delicious dinner or how relaxed you … Read more


Learn or Play: Try Unlimited SCUBA Diving On Your Next Adventure

Have you ever heard of the Spanish Virgin Islands (SVI)? Or does the name Passage Islands ring any bells? Odds are you don’t know that these are the islands just off the coast of Puerto Rico. Luckily for you we know just the crew who have made these gems their base for what can become your next private getaway. Spanish Virgin Islands Adventure! The Spanish Virgin Islands are made up of the … Read more

Pure Relaxation: How Sailing Can Enhance Your Wellness

Sometimes, stepping back and taking a vacation isn’t simply about taking a few photos and enjoying a bit of sun while sipping on a cold drink. Sometimes, vacationing is about self-care, decompressing, and refreshing yourself, all of which are worthy goals and key parts of building a healthy lifestyle. With each passing year, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of relaxation to maintaining health and wellness. Studies have … Read more

Enjoy the Relaxed Nature of a Sailing Yacht Charter

Do you ever dream of waking up to the soft sounds of the sea? Gentle waves, the distant call of seafaring birds, the sound of wind dancing through the sails? Imagine for a moment how that might feel. As you wake, you might hop out of your comfortable bed before heading above deck to enjoy the caress of the morning breeze. You take deep breath and notice the smell of fresh coffee … Read more

How the Perfect Crew Can Shape Your Ideal Yacht Charter Experience

Whether you are interested in chartering a small boat for a week in the BVI with several close friends or larger yacht for a summer spent along the Amalfi coast, one thing is often overlooked when you first start planning your vacation: the crew. You may think that planning your vacation begins and ends with finding the perfect yacht and scheduling your trip, but the crew is every bit as important (perhaps … Read more

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MYBA Barcelona Show Chef Winners

And The Winners Are….. On the third of May, during the last days of the 31st MYBA Charter Show, the winners of the 2019 MYBA Super yacht Chefs’ Competition were announced at a prize-giving ceremony. We chose to highlight some of the winner in the medium sized yachts category and they are: In the smallest category, the yachts up to 39 m Chef Winners 3rd place Chef Francisco Hervas – “Mimi La … Read more

A World-Class Sailing Trip is Now More Accessible Than Ever

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sail on your own private boat? The wind blowing briskly through your hair, the warm sun shining down on your face, dining on fresh-caught fish, and living life on your own time without worrying about sticking to any specific schedule? Well, we’ve got some good news for you. This dreamy lifestyle that once seemed distant and impossible is now easier to plan … Read more