Power Cat

Find the Power Catamaran Perfect for You

Experience the best qualities of a catamaran with combined multilevel space and comfort of a power yacht, these newer ergonomic designs are sparkling clean and modern.


New to the marketplace, power cats are growing in popularity for the easy access to the water, ability to carry lots of water sports toys and affordability as well as the stability that the two hull design gives.

A power catamaran is the perfect way to enjoy a spontaneous adventure where you can go for a dip, scuba dive, take in local nightlife, or enjoy watersports at any time

Becoming One of the Most Popular Charter Yachts

Over the last few years, the popularity of catamaran yacht charters has increased dramatically. Catamarans have become a frequent request of our clients, and there are now more cats available. With this increased demand, the variety and average size of catamarans have been steadily increasing.

Power catamarans have become more popular in the last few years. Power catamarans offer a very smooth sailing experience and plenty of space to spread out and relax. Many of the latest power catamaran models have additional fly-bridge seating area, giving groups an excellent spot to relax together.

Chartering a power catamaran is like living on your own private island. You can  search for the privacy of a secluded cove, or you can dart from island to island, taking in every beautiful sight that you see and enjoying a myriad of onshore activities.

What to Do Onboard

One of the best things a yacht charter has to offer is versatility, and power catamarans have versatility in spades. You can enjoy everything from water sports and snorkeling to scuba diving adventures and island exploration. Because of the catamaran’s shallow draft, you can travel to places that would likely be impossible for monohull yachts, unlocking many gorgeous anchorages.

Power catamarans give you the freedom to do whatever you want on you vacation. You can set a strict travel itinerary or you can meander through different islands, stopping off to explore along the way. The exact route and anchorages can vary based on weather, sea conditions, or your interests.  You can count on your experienced captain to plan the best route for your trip, and in no time at all, your crew will have you sunning, swimming, snorkeling, beach-hopping, and always dropping anchor in time for happy hour.

An Island-Hopping Adventure

Power catamarans can be found in many exotic locations all over the world, but many captains tend to favor the temperate climate and calm waters of the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands in particular. Both the American and British Virgin Isles boast some of the world’s best sailing spots, with an incredible quantity of sights to see and activities to do. You might enjoy swimming and snorkeling through the famous Indians or The Caves, both of which are excellent places to see the wide variety of marine life in the BVI waters.  Power catamarans are the ideal way to explore your vacation options.

If time and weather permits, visiting Anegada always makes for a memorable experience. This relaxed atoll is home to only a few hundred residents and always promises sunny relaxation.  Famous for its Anegada Lobster, Anegada is the perfect place for dinner ashore under the stars with your toes in the sand.

Vacation in Style with a Private Power Catamaran

Whatever part of the world you’re interested in seeing, there’s sure to be a power catamaran for you. The power catamaran fleet is constantly growing, so there are more options than ever before, ranging from 45 feet to just over 100 feet, housing anywhere from 2 to 12 guests at a time. Whether you’re looking for your next family vacation or for a secluded honeymoon, you can vacation however you want with a power catamaran.

  • No matter what your goals, we can help you build the yacht charter vacation of your dreams.
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