8 Charming Mediterranean Destinations

It’s hard to choose amongst so many special places but we love 8 fabulous destinations in the Mediterranean. For those of you looking for a vacation where you can relax and unwind, or better yet, find romance in the midst of the most breathtaking of islands, we have found the top Mediterranean destinations for you to do so. For those of you thrill seeking, adventure goers, these destinations count for you too. We recommend, for the optimum vacation enjoyment, taking a yacht charter, which offers a deeper appreciation for the ocean and water life. Some of the most interesting places are those where access is difficult, a charter yacht grants access to these unique and picturesque places.



From the harbor area, to the beautiful and interesting village, Cassis offers riveting history to delight in. With buildings dating back to the 16th century you can discover the realms that once took over this land. A beautiful trip to France to visit it’s Riviera should always be considered.


Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, meaning “Five Lands,” is part of the Italian Riviera, offering the five most beautiful coastal villages: Vernazza, Corniglia, Monterosso al Mare, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. This land presents charm, for its lack of corporate development, leaving you with the site of unique Italian homes all being carefully built along the rugged, steep landscape up to the cliffs that overlook the clear blue sea.



Sticking with Italian destinations, Taormina is located on the east coast of the island of Sicily, Italy, in the Province of Messina. Bringing to the table its remarkable monument, the Ancient theatre, being one of the most celebrated and largest ruins in Sicily. Ice cream bars, cafes, and restaurants located on this island will give you and your taste buds the delicious, long awaited sample of Italian life. The medieval feel of this island is to not only be sought after, but to be enjoyed.



Providing a relaxing and simple lifestyle during your visit, Gozo and it’s Gozitans will bring you your new favorite destination spot. Some of the sights you can expect to see are the vast majority of churches on this island, including The Xewkija church, with its dome being larger than that of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. One can find a number of secluded beaches on the island and seaside resorts popular with tourists and locals alike.



It is the third largest of the Ionian Islands. Although suffering several earthquakes in 1953, Zakynthos remains a beautiful landmark. The most famous of them would be Navagio beach. It is a cove with the beach and seafloor being made up of white pebbles surrounding itself by turquoise waters on the southwest shore, isolated by high cliffs and accessible only by boat. It is named after a shipwreck (MV Panagiotis), which sunk on the shore around 1980. Marathonissi (also known as “Turtle Island” because of its turtle-like shape) is also a small paradise, with tropical vegetation, turquoise water beaches and sea caves.



Mykonos is the destination to be looked into if wanting to let loose and party from sunrise to sunset. Don’t forget to allow yourself to enjoy it’s offer of relaxation all while deepening your dark tan. This is the most cosmopolitan island Greece can offer. Today, the nightlife and the beaches of Mykonos are the most active and the most famous in Europe.


Being left with what we see today, what many say was the roughest volcanic explosion, is to be thanked for Santorini’s remarkable landscape. This island is infectious with nonstop proposal of utter romance being delivered by its legendary sunsets. Whether you are planning your wedding or even taking your honeymoon, this island will dazzle you with its superlative architecture and romantic vibe.



If you are looking into sight seeking and shopping, Istanbul, Turkey is the city to take a look into. While this is a different feel than the other destinations being listed, it still offers the same marvelous ventures as the others and then some. Provided that Istanbul is hot, don’t just think it is the climate they are referring to. With the latest of happening restaurants, bars, galleries and clubs around town, you wont only want to visit the exquisite Ottoman mosques (which Istanbul is highly known for) while on your visit.

Wait! I forgot Capri, and then there is Bonifacio…

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