Buying A Yacht At Your Dream Destination

So it’s finally happening: you’ve moved past the “some day…” point and you’re actively buying a yacht and looking for that perfect one. There are many choices and considerations to take into account. There is also one more thing you may not have thought of, and that is the boat’s location.

If you’re thinking of enjoying the beauty of the Caribbean, but don’t have the time (or the desire) to equip and then sail your new found beauty to windward down the ‘Thorny Path’, then consider the alternative: buy your boat where you want to use it! We see boats limp into the BVI every year with broken gear and the dented dreams from the trip down, and a shaken crew that doesn’t stay long enough to experience the joys of cruising in our Caribbean paradise. There are some pretty convincing reasons why the British Virgin Islands are collectively the heart of the yacht charter industry.

Buying a yacht in the Caribbean means you’re buying a yacht that has made the trip, and is usually well-equipped for the area. Pricing is often very attractive when compared to state-side markets, and have I mentioned that there is no sales tax in the British Virgin Islands?

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