Power Yachts In the Bahamas

If you’re struggling to find a vacation spot for Spring 2021, you are most certainly not alone. Whether the trip you were planning fell through because of national guidelines or local closures, it can be frustrating and challenging to find suitable options.. Though there has been a great deal of uncertainty in many parts of the world when it comes to booking vacations, the Bahamas is officially open for spring yacht vacations in 2021, making it the perfect place to escape to this coming Spring. With that in mind, you might be wondering what’s in store for a power yacht charter, Bahamas or elsewhere. While every boat and crew are unique, some are universally praised by clientele and charter professionals alike, such as the Horizon power catamarans currently sailing the Bahamas.

Horizon Power Yachts and All They Offer

There are countless shipyards around the world known for all manner of different qualities. Some churn out a steady supply of luxurious, if a bit standardized, yachts that are certainly enough for most vacationers to enjoy, while others create highly-customized boats slowly and meticulously, either for owners demanding only the finest in decor or for high-end charters from the most discerning clientele. Horizon yachts tend to lean closer to the high-end and exclusive side of this scale in terms of design and comfort, but they are remarkably accessible for how much luxury and attention to detail they exhibit.

In the yachting world, Horizon is highly regarded for building all-around outstanding boats, both in form and in function. Over the years, they have received numerous awards for everything from build quality to style, proving their well-deserved reputation at every turn. The boats themselves flawlessly blend stability and power, making for smooth and exciting rides, with elegantly-finished interiors customized to the owner’s desires.

In the Bahamas, we have 2 Horizon power yacht charters available in Spring 2021, both of which offer their own unique vacation experiences: the fun, family-oriented Sea Boss and the palatial Mucho Gusto.

Sea Boss

sea boss anchoredThough Horizon is well known for building boats with style and luxury at the forefront, they don’t skimp on the ever-important quality of comfort. When you think about a luxury yacht, the image that comes to mind might be something that’s a bit cold or uptight. Sea Boss proves that high-end luxury doesn’t have to be stuffy; it can be as much fun as you possibly imagine. This Horizon 60 power catamaran is an absolute blast, and she frequently caters to families looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy vacationing together. She is crewed by the experienced pair, Stu and Hannah, who know the numerous islets and cays making up the Bahamas like the back of their hands. These two are known for creating a fun, relaxed environment where vacation really feels like vacation and having a great time takes top priority. Stu and Hannah also enjoy sharing their knowledge of sea living with guests.

As for the boat herself, Sea Boss is a remarkable combination of style and comfort, providing guests with the space needed to really enjoy their time on board. Sea Boss has 3 luxurious staterooms, including 1 enormous master suite that stretches the full width of the ship, and can accommodate up to 6 guests in complete comfort. Thanks to an incredibly refined hull design from the builders at Horizon, she also offers a remarkably smooth and comfortable ride, even in less-than-optimal sea conditions. On an aesthetic level, Sea Boss features a sleek, timeless design, inside and out, that is sure to turn heads at any mooring.

Thanks to her creative crew and numerous exciting features, Sea Boss offers plenty to do while onboard. If you enjoy watersports, Sea Boss comes equipped with a 14′ rib with 70HP outboard motor, so you can enjoy an afternoon or two of wakeboarding or waterskiing. As the day draws to a close, you might also find yourself wanting to wind down with a cocktail mixed by a crewmember. Sea Boss offers an incredibly-equipped bar, complete with all manner of wines, spirits, and mixers, so be sure to try Captain Stu’s specialty offerings!

Mucho Gusto

Even with regards to how luxurious the average charter yacht is, Mucho Gusto is nothing short of exceptional. Fresh from a 2019 launch, Mucho Gusto caters to those of you who desire only the best the Bahamas have to offer, from sumptuous cuisine crafted by a world-class chef to a relaxing itinerary designed to emphasize your health and wellness. Though she is already spacious at a significant 65’ length, Mucho Gusto tends to surprise guests with just how much space she has to offer, thanks to her brilliant layout and design. This power catamaran was built specifically to maximize room, giving this boat a relaxed, airy feeling that pervades the entire boat. Even in the world of luxury power yacht charters, Mucho Gusto is considered to be an exceptional example of lavish living, providing anything and everything you could possibly want from a luxury charter.

If you’re wondering if a catamaran this spectacular has a world-class crew to match, you’re certainly on the right track. Mucho Gusto is crewed by Captain Dom and Chef Hannah, a pair well-renowned in the industry for their detailed approach to the finer things and dedication to facilitating a lavish onboard experience. An accomplished chef, Hannah prepares meals with her guests in mind first and foremost. Her high-end menu is tailored to fit your preferences, and the cuisine she prepares is sure to leave you feeling completely satisfied. Chef Hannah’s meals are as delicious as they are nourishing, giving you a taste of healthy, fresh, and local ingredients. Captain Dom is nothing less than the quintessential yacht captain. Thanks to his coastal upbringing and a life of dedication, he knows anything and everything about sailing, sights to see, and how to create an hospitable environment that guests never forget. He’s known for providing only the highest level of service for everyone who sets foot on deck.

As far as amenities go, Mucho Gusto is next to none at her price point. She can accommodate 6 guests in complete comfort in 3 distinctly different rooms. She has an enormous,opulent master suite on the main deck with a walk-around bed, a spacious starboard VIP queen suite.with an ensuite head, and a convertible twin/king guest suite, giving her plenty of space for up to 6 people.

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