Travel Insurance Can Help You

Every Summer we are always scouring the internet weather sites looking for the next potential storm to strike us here in the Caribbean. The threat of a storm leaves us feeling sorry for those who traveled all the way to our beautiful islands for sun and sand only to have their holiday cancelled. While we made it through the season pretty much unscathed, Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the New England coastline. With mass transit halted, flights grounded or rerouted and airports closed many people that were planning their getaway will find themselves stranded. Now what? This is where Travel Insurance can help you – monetarily at least- you may not get your trip of a lifetime but at least you can have a piece of mind that the money you saved up for your trip is not all washed away (No pun intended).

Travel insurance is becoming increasingly popular, but in many cases it simply duplicates coverage you already have. Some homeowners’ and renters’ policies provide coverage for theft and other losses outside of the home. Your medical and auto insurance mayor may not be valid in other countries. Check to see what travel protection you have with your credit card company and auto clubs such as AAA. If in doubt always check with your policy holder and be sure to ask about any specific issues that your foresee happening. Be smart about your coverage. If you purchased a bargain basement ticket for $150 bucks – probably not worth the insurance to cover it. However, you may want to cover the hotel or yacht at the other end in case you do not make it.

While many of you are familiar with flight and trip cancellation insurance, are you aware that travel insurance can include trip interruption, accidental death or dismemberment, medical and dental care, transportation to medical facilities, loss of luggage or personal possessions and protection against the bankruptcy or default of your tour operator.

Not sure what coverage you may need, an independent travel insurance company to check out is This site can give you comparative rates and coverage through various insurers.

Remember, winter season is nearly upon us next and the Weather Channel will now be naming the Winter storms.

At least one forecast is fairly certain – 100% chance of NO snow this winter in the Caribbean.

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