Turkey, Most Popular Destination for Yacht Charter

Turkey might be less well known to Americans, but Europeans have been enjoying the combination of natural beauty, winding coastline with great natural harbors and charming artisan culture while venturing on a luxury yacht charter. Turkey sits at the trading crossroads between Asia, Africa and Europe and has absorbed parts of many cultures. With one of the longest coastlines in the Mediterranean, you can get away from the summer crowds and explore the clear blue waters and small historic villages during your holiday. There are a number of harbours worth visiting and some of the most sought after spots include:


Bodrum is known as the idyllic beach resort offering everything you would want to enjoy while anchored both at night and in the day. It is an upscale tourist centre with fun activities amid a rural setting with whitewashed houses by the hillside, which serves as a beautiful backdrop. This destination is an ideal spot for those who are looking for some serious shopping. The shopping experience contains a mix of old and modern including leathers, potteries and other local crafts. Be prepared to bargain! Transactions are not supposed to be quick. You may find yourself having to drink two cups of Turkish coffee before you can even begin to pursue what you may be interested in. It is considered rude to not relax and enjoy the back & forth of the unique social atmosphere.

Kekova Sound

Venturing to Kekova Sound for more than a day trip may be one of the high points of your visit to Turkey. Kokova Island is close by the notched shore, whose many inlets create a series of lagoons. The apse of a Byzantine church backs the bay of Tersane, a favorite swimming spot. Ucagiz has small pensions and waterside restaurants. Kale, the jewel of the sound, is a pleasing jumble of boxy houses built up a steep crag alongside layers of history: Lycian tombs, a tiny Greek amphitheater, and the medieval ruins of Simena Castle atop the rocky hill. As you cruise the waters between the villages you can look overboard to see ancient Roman and Greek columns, buildings, stairways, and ubiquitous Lycian tombs, and the sunken remains of ancient cities. To go diving, you must obtain a permit in advance.


Cesme is known as your ideal beach hot spot. The crystal clear waters and beautiful surrounding landscape keeps this location as a must go for exploration. Cesme Marina is a luxury yacht marina where you are able to base your yacht to enjoy a destination the nearby Cesme castle, which is said to be the main place to visit while on land. Cesme Museum is another runner up, which houses several important artifacts and archaeological items that reveal the town’s glorious past. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the therapeutic hot springs Cesme has to offer.


Although Marmaris use to be a quaint and rural fishing spot, it has now grown into a major charter spot. It is your ideal choice to enjoy a resort pulsating with excitement during both day and night. Marmaris retains its old charm by the old structures and archaeological landmarks. Shopping is also a main enjoyment at this destination.


Gocek is a well-known vacation spot for celebrities, yacht enthusiasts, and anyone in between. Gocek is home of archaeological structures and historical landmarks, which are well-preserved and protected. It was originally a small farming village so its drastic change is one to be noted.


Most charter yachts in Turkey are gulets which are a very different style from other yachts. These traditional looking yachts on the outside offer room and modern amenities on the inside. Turkish crews are usually soft spoken and very polite. They are attentive and very service oriented but will retire into the background to let your group enjoy personal time together.


Among the many yacht options available in Turkey, here are five charter yachts we recommend while visiting this area:

CARPE DIEM 105 Feet.
Sleeps 8 Guests in 1 King(s), 3 Twin(s)
Online brochure: http://www.cyabrochure.com/eb/1073/xyrd/1038/1
Rates and Availability: http://www.cyabrochure.com/eb/1073/xyrd/1038/4

AKANA 105 Feet.
Sleeps 14 Guests in 1 King(s), 1 Queen(s), 3 Double(s), 2 Twin(s)
Online brochure: http://www.cyabrochure.com/eb/1073/xyrd/2125/1
Rates and Availability: http://www.cyabrochure.com/eb/1073/xyrd/2125/4

ARSLAN-7 75 Feet.
Sleeps 10 Guests in 2 King(s), No Queen(s), 3 Double(s), No Single(s), No Twin(s), No Pullman
Online brochure: http://www.cyabrochure.com/eb/1073/xyrd/2630/1
Rates and Availability: http://www.cyabrochure.com/eb/1073/xyrd/2630/4

MILLENIUM 2003 66 Feet.
Sleeps 5 Guests in 2 Queen(s), 1 Single(s)
Online brochure: http://www.cyabrochure.com/eb/1073/xyrd/1728/1
Rates and Availability: http://www.cyabrochure.com/eb/1073/xyrd/1728/4

ANAM CARA 50 Feet.
Sleeps 6 Guests in 3 Double(s)
Online brochure: http://www.cyabrochure.com/eb/1073/xyrd/1998/1
Rates and Availability: http://www.cyabrochure.com/eb/1073/xyrd/1998/4


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