Why Choose A Crewed Yacht Charter Over A BareBoat Charter?

So, you think you are ready to charter your own boat for your next sailing holiday. Think about this before you put your credit card down for the deposit. Do you have competent crew to help you and are you confident you can handle the boat in all weather conditions, pick up mooring balls, anchor? And lets not forget that someone has to provision, cook and clean up after everyone. Your designated captain will have to be diligent in keeping everyone safe which may take away from his overall charter experience. Crewed yachts can be found in any budget and in some cases are more economical than a bare-boat and takes all of the pressure off you as the guest.

When hiring a crewed yacht you get a professional captain and mate/chef and depending on the size of the vessel other various ships personnel. These guys and gals are familiar with the boat, they are familiar with the location and know all the best anchorages and reefs to take you. You arrive at your private yacht, meet the captain and chef, tour the vessel and you’re set to begin your all-inclusive vacation. From there you have a wide range of options, but the itinerary is completely up to you and flexible. You design your own vacation. Maybe you’re enjoying sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving or hiking on a deserted island and want to stay a bit longer. No problem… just let the captain know. A variety of water-sports equipment is right at your fingertips. You decide the pace and the activities. Sleep in late or get up to watch the sunrise — you set the timetable on board.


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This past weekend I received this text from a fellow sailor…

OMG! I love watching bare boats! A (local charter company) bare-boat on a mooring next to us just started their engine, raised the main and threw the boat into warp speed. Made excellent time until they got to the end of the mooring line which as still firmly attached to their bow… must be a lot of stretch in those lines as they came to abrupt halt and then sprung backwards only to wrap the mooring line around the keel.

Now we have all had our moments and certainly things can go wrong for even the most seasoned sailor, however busy mooring fields seem to garner a hotbed of activity when there are “bare-boats” heading in. If you are unsure of your skills or feeling a little rusty, why take the chance, treat yourself to a pampered holiday on a well appointed crewed yacht such as FLYING GINNY VII a beautifully maintained 55ft Lagoon catamaran. Top notch crew, loads of watersports and a comfortable yacht to take you around the stunning British Virgin islands. This is why you should choose a crewed yacht charter over a bare-boat charter.

From Chef KC of Flying Ginny VII





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