Winter Superyacht Options

Super yachts are the very upper end of the luxury charter market; only a relatively small number of these mega yachts have time open in their schedule to charter just as only a select few have the resources to charter these large yachts.

However, it is really true that your charter will allow you to experience the feel of owning a large yacht. The pricing includes the yacht and crew and items like crew food; all other expenses are additional. You set the parameters of the trip. Want fresh flowers delivered every day and your morning paper flown in? Done. Want the boat stripped of all flowers to appease your allergies? Done. You are paying the cost and you set the pace and preferences large and small.


The Monaco Yacht Show allowed me to view a number of these limited edition yachts. I was on board Capri for a buffet lunch. They are heading the Indian Ocean for the winter, so if you want to try a different location or one that is a convenient flight from Europe, Capri is a great choice.

Diamond A (58m A&R) will be in the Caribbean early this year and available for a Thanksgiving charter. She is offering an amazing price for an early booking to jump start their season which looks to be busy. Diamond A will appeal to clients looking for a more informal (but not too modern) elegance.


Please do not hesitate to inquire for more Winter Superyacht options.

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