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Vacations, ever wonder why we need so many of them? The memories fade. They are quickly replaced with the busy minutiae of everyday life and recede into the back blocks of our mind. That’s why we take vacations, frequently. Keep them fresh and frequent, I am a firm advocate.

Anticipation is a large part of your pre vacation enjoyment. You share it with your friends – you are going away. Where you are going and some highlights. Of course, some friends may be traveling with you. A future shared experience heightens the anticipation as you discuss what options you have. Here at Regency Vacations we can help you build some anticipation with minimum hassle. The best charter boats with qualified crews are booked well ahead. More than half are already booked for New Year! That is a bucket load of anticipation!

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Crewed Yacht Charters BVI and Beyond

Booking a crewed charter alleviates a lot of organizing that normally accompanies planning a trip. You decide when, where and who with, we take care of the rest. Once you have booked the best boat available, besides your airfare, we make the arrangements for you. You don’t need to book a rental car. You don’t need to research restaurants. You don’t need to book a hotel or wonder if you will have a view. 360 views served daily from the deck or the alfresco dining.



As the Bob Marley reggae song says –

“Don’t worry about a thing“

Chartering does not get any easier than in the BVI. With the islands in close proximity sail the calm waters of the Sir Frances Drake Channel. If you want spoiling, your crew are specialists at looking after everything. They keep things shipshape. They take care of your safety at sea and make sure everything you need is onboard.

Xenia62 at anchor
Xenia62 At Anchor

They stow the provisions, the drinks and the snacks you prefer. If you want to scuba-dive they will make the arrangements. Relax, a planned customized menu creatively served will make you feel indulged. From comfy home cooked meals to a gourmet fine dining experience. Your crew are built-in concierges, offering daily options of what to do and where to go. Do you want to dine ashore? Or have a massage? Ask the crew for recommendations and reservations but be prepared to be impulsive as well and go with the flow as you unwind.

Now about that anticipation — it is included each time you book a crewed charter yacht. When will you go? Where will you go? Who is going with you?

Thinking about it? Let an experienced charter broker at Regency Vacations help you find a great match so you can revel in the prospect of a forthcoming trip afloat.

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