Unique Locations

Exotic Locations:

  • Silalona, Douce France, Sherekhan
  • Adventure calls to you and the world is a very large place, large yachts often travel to unexpected locations and although you may not own a megayacht, they are often available in between owner visits.
  • The range of options shifts for exotic locations — yachts seldom remain in these unusual locations for long so it is important to be flexible as to dates and details and grab hold of unique opportunities.
  • We have had yachts like Rosehearty recently travel the Northwest Passage, Sherekhan has made several trips from Patagonia to the Antartic. Silahona is based in Asia and moves frequently with the seasons between Bali and Raja Ampat in Indonesia.
  • There are also locations that may have several yachts in the area, but not a broad range. Try locations like Thailand, New Zealand or Scandinavia and experience areas that are only available from the sea.