Find the Unique Vacation Perfect for You

Explore less-traveled paths in the USA like the New England coastline or Alaskan glaciers.

Go on an exciting adventure and explore the Antarctic.

Enjoy a unique adventure and explore various cultures and history throughout East Asia.

Explore Anywhere 

The world is a very large and beautiful place, but it never seems larger or more beautiful than when you start planning your vacation. The decisions you make in the planning process ultimately build an experience that you will remember fondly for the rest of your life. You may want to explore far-off and unfamiliar places, spend your time in the places that you know and love, or chase the travel dreams you’ve carried your whole life. Other destinations that are appealing yacht charters include:

  • Central America
  • Alaska
  • Antarctic
  • East Asia
  • South Pacific
  • Scandinavia

Endless Possibilities

For whatever reason you travel and wherever you go, luxury should never be sacrificed, and yacht charters are the pinnacle of luxury. Through a yacht charter you can access areas of the world you’d have never thought possible and experience exotic locations and cultures. You can see the Arctic Circle, glide through the Tuomotos in the Pacific, observe eternal day on the Norwegian or Russian coast, or  try the Black Sea, where the water is so salty that a ship can’t sink. You could charter all around Asia, from Vietnam to Myanmar, or even try some adventurous sailing in Europe, on the rugged coast of Brittany down toward Spain. The possibilities are nearly endless. 

Take the Opportunity 

An exotic location yacht charter leads to supremely rewarding experiences and memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. The key to a successful exotic location yacht charter is flexibility and an ability to commit. Yachts typically plan well in advance in order to prepare for any and all authorizations and supplies required along the way. We likely know about yachts that are planning to do anything from spending two months on the Pacific side of Costa Rica in the spring to preparing for the Pacific portion of their round-the-world cruise. The challenge in arranging yacht charters is being willing to take the opportunity when it presents itself. Yachts currently located in less common destinations will always be on the move, so timing is everything.

We’ll Help You Create the Ideal Trip

We pride ourselves on our ability to help you take advantage of the right opportunity when it arises. We can help you charter yachts of many sizes (from sailing yachts all the way up to mega yachts) all over the world, giving you options as well as the freedom to choose your own adventure. In order to plan an exotic location yacht charter tailored to your interests, one of the best things you can do is be honest and clear about your desired parameters, because even if we don’t have an option for your specific goals in the moment, we will likely hear of one as new opportunities arise.  Advance planning, such as setting a general idea of the number of people and budget, is an important part of planning and charter to an exotic destination, and thorough planning is an important part of any successful exotic location yacht charter. If you feel uncertain or don’t know how to begin planning, no need to fret! We’ll help you explore your options, and together, we’ll create the ideal trip just for you.

Rest assured, no matter where your destination or how many family and friends you want to travel with, we’ll help you build a life-changing experience. No travel dream is unattainable, although traveling far afield is usually expensive. There are yacht owners all over the world that are prepared to go wherever you want to go, whether that be rocky European coasts or the cold and pristine North. Right now, some yacht owner is making plans to travel to some part of the world that few people have ever heard of and fewer have visited. There’s no reason you can’t be onboard. Contact us today and see what charters are available.        

Exotic Locations

  • Adventure calls to you and the world is a very large place, large yachts often travel to unexpected locations and megayachts  are often available in between owner visits.
  • The range of options shifts for exotic locations — yachts seldom remain in these unusual locations for long so it is important to be flexible as to dates and details and grab hold of unique opportunities.
  • We have had yachts like Rosehearty recently travel the Northwest Passage, and Sherekhan has made several trips from Patagonia to the Antartic. 
  • There are also locations that may have several yachts in the area, but not a broad range. Try locations like Thailand, New Zealand, or Scandinavia and experience areas that are only available from the sea.