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Find the Western Mediterranean Vacation Perfect for You

Experience the vibrant colors of a Tuscan sunset or feel like a jetsetter in the south of France.

Travel through the many unique and vibrant cultures along the coastline of France, Italy, Spain, and Monaco.

Indulge in as many luxuries as you can imagine aboard your own private yacht charter.

The Best of What Europe Has to Offer

The Western Mediterranean Sea is one of the many and most popular  parts of the world to which our yachts travel. The range of options for a Mediterranean yacht charter is truly astounding, boasting a wide array of different styles of yachts and destinations. From quiet scenic spots along the Amalfi coast, to the high end haunts of the rich and famous in Monaco and south of France, Mediterranean yacht charters allow you to see some of the world’s most beautiful and renowned locations in well-appointed yachts. If you can dream it, it is likely that it exists on a yacht, all you need is the budget to match these custom-built yachts.

Let the Regency charter consultants help you narrow down this massive area into a manageable itinerary that will take you to new places and lure you to return on a yacht over and over again.

Traveling Along the Spanish Coast

Spain and its offshore Balearic Islands have diverse coastlines, complete with rocky shores and sandy beaches. On a chartered mega yacht, you can travel the extended distance around the artistic city of Barcelona. Barcelona is a gorgeous port city with lovely marina facilities, sophisticated dining, and a historic art district that’s perfect for taking an afternoon stroll. Barcelona is a classic destination perfect for your yacht charter.

You can also take a quick flight across the Balearic Sea to Mallorca, long a favorite of visitors from colder climates. Anchor off sandy beaches with seaside restaurants, and sail from Palma to Formetera, Ibiza, or northeast toward Minorca, depending on where the wind carries you. There are numerous coves, unreachable by car, that are perfect for a swim, paddle, or jet ski. Dance the night away in one of the many clubs in Palma on Mallorca that stay open until first light, then go for a refreshing swim before settling into your first espresso of the day. Your schedule is up to you!

Take in the French Coastline

Or you can easily set sail to France visiting small towns and harbors along the coast. If you charter a large yacht, you may decide to stop off in Corsica, cruise along from village to charming village, or enjoy the sophistication of Nice, Antibes, and Monte Carlo. With small islets dotting the coast, you can spend the day enjoying water sports and the evenings tied to the waterfront. Ashore, you might simply enjoy a stroll amongst the cafes and bars or spend a night gambling at the luxurious casinos in Monte Carlo.

Appreciate the Ancient Italian Coast

Few destinations have as much history and rustic charm as the Italian coast. The Ligurian coast of northern Italy runs from San Remo down to through Cinque Terre, five country towns that can only be reached by a footpath or the sea, then down to Portofino ending outside of Rome. This is an excellent power yacht itinerary well suited to those seeking a varied experience. The history of city states can be easily seen from the deck of your yacht as you sail this rugged coastline. Take a big jump offshore to Sardinia which hovers from the middle of Italy down towards Africa.

As you travel further south in Italy to Naples you’ll see the famous Amalfi coast, the towns of Positano and Sorrento, and nearby island of Capri. From there, you can set sail south for the Aeolian Islands, which are nature preserves well-known for their clear waters and calm anchorages. Megayachts are popular in this area but catamarans are swiftly becoming more popular due to their ability to offer a more casual and exploratory experience.

  • No matter where you wish to travel, we’ll find the perfect yacht charter for you
  • Spend time exploring the coasts of Spain, France, and Italy in style
  • More activities available than you can imagine

Sail Through Italy and the Mediterranean

We are pleased to introduce you to OMBRE BLU³ a Sunreef 70’ Sailing Catamaran, offering luxury charters around Italy and the rest of the Western Mediterranean. She promises tons of space and amenities.

The large and spacious salon offers Satellite Television and Stereo Surround Sound and Bar. The open plan of the Catamaran, means that salon flows through to the aft cockpit via glass sliding doors. This all on one level, so there are no stairs to navigate. The aft cockpit features teak floors, two large day beds, a lounge area plus dining table for up to 8 people.

The lovely crew of OMBRE BLU has put together an amazing sample itinerary just to give you an idea of the stunning destinations you may arrive at