Yacht Sales Experience

Regency BVI has a long track record in yacht sales. We have helped many yacht owners establish themselves in the charter industry. Regency BVI knows how critical it is to find the “perfect” yacht and we will work with you to establish realistic goals and help you find the yacht of your dreams at the best possible price.

Caribbean Base

Regency BVI is based in the Caribbean and specializes in boats and yachts for sale over 65’, both power and sail, especially catamarans. Because the British Virgin Islands is in the heart of the most popular charter area of the world, many clients come to Regency BVI because we have a long and detailed knowledge of the charter industry, or because they have experienced our attention to detail in helping them find the right charter yacht for their vacation.


Whether you plan to charter your yacht or not, the Regency BVI brokers know the ins & outs of international yacht sales transactions and how to protect both buyer and seller. In today’s global economy, buyers need to be able to evaluate their options in where to register their purchase. Each buyer & seller has individual needs and the Regency BVI team is here to help make your transaction a win/win!

Because we actively work with “yachts for sale brokers” around the globe, we know the international yacht sales market and can guide you through the purchase of your dream yacht, whether she is based in the Caribbean, New England, Mediterranean or the Pacific.

Our Experienced Yacht Sales Team

Can help you with a professional survey to confirm that your yacht is in top notch condition and advise you on options of crew to keep her that way. From start to finish, Regency BVI yacht sales team is here, at the heart of the most popular chartering grounds in the world, ready to take care of the details so that you may relax and enjoy time aboard the yacht that is your reward for your success in business.

Regency BVI yacht sales specializes in power yachts, sailing yachts and catamaran yachts over 65’ that will require professional crew. Call us today so that we can help you make the dream a reality.

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