First-Hand Experience

Regency Yacht Vacations offer professional yacht registration and work permit services.  Our trained staff keeps abreast of the latest registrations, requirements, guidelines and forms to skillfully guide an owner or captain through the yacht registration process.  We have first-hand experience in all facets of registration as well as all crewing certifications and license requirements to keep a yacht within the letter of the law.  Having a professional help with these will ease the process and make it a quicker process.

We Will Arrange Everything

Whether you wish to register your yacht in the USA, UK, Bermuda, Delaware, EU or Marshall Islands we have the knowledge and experience to make the process go smoothly and seamlessly.  The staff at Regency Yacht Vacations will arrange everything from the legal paperwork for your yacht registration to reviewing and certification of the crew credentials and qualifications for the flag of choice to even ordering up the new flags themselves.  We offer one stop professional yacht registration and work permit services for owners and captains alike.  Along with filing the legal documents for flag registration we will then make sure the crew get additional training if needed, replacement crew if required, necessary surveys scheduled at the most cost effective yards, new insurance documents issued and trade license and/or work permits secured as required.  With vast experience in the application of these items, we can help ensure that no detail is overlook or mistake made which could cost the owner and yacht both valuable time and expense.   There is nothing to make a yacht owner or captain feel as frustrated as being in mid registration and losing a charter as the yacht is not yet legal to take a charter. Keeping in mind that most countries wish to keep local jobs for themselves, applying for work permits in certain areas can be tricky and takes the utmost care and consideration of local politics and regulations.