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Communicating with the Crew

There are 2 main types of charters: Inclusive Charters and Plus All Expenses Charters. They each operate differently so how you communicate to the crew is dependent on which type of charter you choose.


The majority of sailing yachts and some power yachts that base in the Caribbean are offered on an ‘inclusive’ basis. This means that the rates quoted cover yacht, crew, food and beverages (house brands) as well as water sports equipment found on the yacht. Outside of the US & British Virgin Islands, yachts will always charge for beverages as the costs can vary widely. Not included are airfare, transfers, off ship excursions, and extraordinary bar and wine requests. This type of charter is ideal if you want everything taken care of for you.

Plus All Expenses

Yachts operating in other locations often charge a base rate plus all expenses. You will be asked what food and liquor, flowers, etc. you wish and billed their cost. Generally the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (know as the APA) is estimated at 25-35% of the base rate of the charter fee. The APA is due with the final payment for the crew to prepare for your arrival. This is just like owning the yacht – you are charged the cost of all the ship’s running expenses such as dockage, fuel, water, ice, flowers, food, laundry, etc. This type of charter is ideal if you want your charter to be fully customized to your needs.