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Predictions for Spring and the Unveiling of an Exclusive Catamaran

With this year’s unpredictable yacht charter landscape, it’s no wonder that many people are a bit apprehensive about planning vacations. You might’ve had some grand, world-exploring plans that had to be scrapped due to the global pandemic, or maybe you were just expecting to get away for a week, only to cancel when the trip was just a short time away. No matter what 2020 held for your vacationing plans, one thing … Read more

Looking Forward to Spring Yacht Vacations

With everything going on this year, it’s hard to believe how far into 2020 we actually are. Summer has come and gone, seemingly flying by, and because of the number of cancelled Spring and Summer vacations, the typically slower Fall yacht chartering season has garnered far more attention than usual. Winter charters are booking quickly in locations all over the world, with crews preparing for a busy few months between December and … Read more

How to Get the Most Out of Winter Yacht Vacations

If you’ve been trying to plan a family vacation this year, there’s a very good chance that your plans haven’t come to fruition the way you’d hoped. Whether you meticulously created an international itinerary in 2019, only to see it thrown out the window by circumstance, or you simply wanted to gather with your close friends or family on a small trip, the pandemic has turned the entire prospect of travelling into … Read more

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Wintering in the BVI Aboard a Privilege Yacht

Have you been dreaming about your next vacation a bit more than usual? Maybe you made some grand plans this summer that you had to cancel due to the coronavirus, or maybe you’ve been biding your time, waiting for just the right opportunity to begin planning a trip. In either case, if you’re anything like us, the idea of getting away for awhile is positively alluring. But as vacation schedules continue to … Read more

Booking a BVI Catamaran Charter? Time to Plan Ahead!

Like any vacation, BVI catamaran charters tend to fill up pretty quickly around the holidays, and in 2020 and 2021, we expect this to be especially true. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, yachts available for charter are in somewhat limited supply, with the different nations and territories around the Caribbean each having unique travel restrictions. While this can make chartering look difficult, the fact of the matter is that yacht chartering is … Read more

Going All-Inclusive in the Mediterranean

As you have likely noticed, over the last couple of months, COVID-19 has caused a lot of difficulties in the travel and tourism industries, and the private charter yacht industry has been no exception. Some of you may have even experienced canceled or postponed vacations, which is always disappointing, especially when it’s something you spent time planning. But it’s not all bad news in the charter yacht world. Over the last few … Read more

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Yacht Vacations Might Be This Winter’s Most Popular Getaway

As you might have noticed, things aren’t exactly normal right now, which we discussed in our blog post last month. Regency and all of the yachts and crews we represent are complying with all stay-at-home guidelines recommended by our respective local governments. But that doesn’t mean we’re not still hard at work planning for the future. As challenging as things might be right now, there’s still good reason to believe that some yachts … Read more

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Head to Warmer Waters with a Winter Yacht Charter

In our opinion, there’s no better time to get away than in the dead of winter. You can escape the short days, low light and cold weather, while taking the time to relax far from work and everyday life. Winter vacations are the perfect time to recharge, regroup, and most of all, enjoy a healthy dose of privacy and comfort, and there’s no better winter vacation than a yacht trip meticulously planned … Read more

In case you were wondering……….

We are not at the beach, snorkeling or diving on a coral reef and nor are we resting on our laurels under a palm tree with a cocktail in hand. We are not sailing from one quiet cove to the next beach bar with live music. We are in the BVI office fielding calls, answering questions and even responding to new enquiries. Somewhere over the rainbow – bluer skies and sunny days … Read more

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Take Your Yacht Vacation to the Next Level

Have you ever been on a trip that just didn’t quite meet your expectations? Maybe you were planning on getting a lot more relaxation time than you actually did, perhaps you ended up spending less time enjoying what your destination had to offer, or maybe you found the location for your vacation just wasn’t what you hoped it would be. Whatever the reason your trip wasn’t a perfect 10, unmet vacation expectations … Read more