Monaco Yacht Show – SuperYacht sales & charter

The weather is cooperating to make this Monaco a pleasure. Monaco Yacht Show showcases new builds from shipyards, yachts for sale and those for charter all above 100′. Yacht builders showcase their newest launches, designers gain acclaim from their new creations, and buyers have the opportunity to see the largest gathering of super yachts available for purchase or charter before the coming Caribbean season.

I enjoyed lunch on the Lurssen motor yacht Capri, see her upper deck salon, very comfortable yet elegant.

Each of these yachts are very well thought out with attention to detail, like the large rotating sunbed on the upper deck of Candyscape so you can follow the sun, the circular pad mists as well to keep even a hot day comfortable.

20120922-071700.jpgAnother clever idea was the glass floor that allows light to flow from the sun deck skylight down through three levels to the guest cabins. However, one wouldn’t want to worry about being immodest if one looked up through the glass, so built in sensors automatically turn the gls opaque when someone is standing on the floor.


Another innovation on these large yachts is a new GPS anchoring system that allows the Captain to position the yacht exactly where he wants it, even calculating the angle of the sun in relationship to the vessel so deck shade or sun is maintained as you like it!


I had a chance to go back aboard the amazing super yacht Solemar yesterday. She heads west right after this show and should be in the Caribbean by late November. Captain Nick showed me all the additions they’ve made to her ‘toy’ list including a huge inflatable slide from the top deck into the water and large water trampoline.

Many of the yachts on view here will be heading to the Caribbean for the winter season and available for charter, the BVIs should be busy!

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