BVI Yacht Charters for Your Whole Family

When you think of the phrase “family vacation” there is a good chance that you immediately begin to recall cherished memories. Memories of camping under the stars might come to mind, or maybe lounging beachside for hours with a well-stocked cooler just within reach. You might recall details that you wouldn’t ever be able to from everyday life, such as what you ate at one particularly delicious dinner or how relaxed you felt the moment your feet first touched the sand upon arriving at a favorite beach spot, or the quiet conversations you had with those closest to you. Do you notice how these details come together to form a larger memory, far away from the stresses and challenges that you face each day? BVI yacht charters are made to create exactly these kinds of memories, something that you can cherish and share and reminisce about with your family for years to come.

A bit of quality time in some new and exciting setting brings people together in ways that day-to-day life just can’t. At Regency Yacht Vacations, we believe in the power of shared experiences. We absolutely love planning vacations for families and helping create a perfect experience for you to look back on fondly. So whether you’re looking for a small catamaran to spend time with those closest to you or you’re interested in a larger yacht for a trip with your extended family or close friends, we can help you plan the family vacation of your dreams.

Chartering with Your Family

Over the last few years, BVI yacht charters have grown a great deal in popularity as a family vacation for many different reasons. From the thrill of being aboard a crewed yacht to the wide array of different onboard activities to the closeness shared by every family member while aboard, yacht vacations provide ample opportunity for valuable family time. In addition the excitement such experiences bring, BVI yacht charters have the added benefit of being structured and planned in advance with enough flexibility to allow spontaneity, which is a critical asset to any family trip! When you charter with one of Regency’s Expert Brokers, your itinerary is completely customized to your requests, and can also be adjusted if your plans change while on your trip.

At Regency, we realize that one of the hardest parts of taking a family vacation is the planning process. You have to arrange flights, accommodations, meals, transportation, and activities for each of the days you plan on travelling, which is a significant undertaking. With Regency Yacht Vacations, however, your planning process is much, much simpler.

Our Charter Experts have years of experience in the yacht charter industry, and know the captains that we work with personally. We know which crews excel at providing a family-friendly environment and which boats offer the most onboard activities. We work hard to guide you through the yacht charter process, providing you with carefully selected options based on your preferences and helping you select the boat, crew, and itinerary that is perfect for you and your family. When you charter with Regency, you can be sure that your family vacation will be perfectly tailored to fit your style.

What Family BVI Yacht Charters Look Like

Chartering in the BVI with your family can take many different shapes, all depending on what you want to do. Do you want your family vacation to full to the brim with water sports and activities, such as wakeboarding, waterskiing, kayaking, or paddleboarding? Or would you prefer a more low-key family vacation with an emphasis on sight-seeing and plenty of stops on some of the best beaches in the BVI? Whatever your style, we can help you figure out which boat and crew can help you best accomplish your vacationing goals.

Yacht charter crews are typically very well-versed in providing fun experiences for families, even if you have young children. Some boats even offer activities specifically catered to younger kids and childcare, with designated play areas should the adults want to take some time for themselves.

Regardless of your family’s size or the age of your kids, one thing is for certain when you charter a yacht for your family vacation: you will be able to enjoy an experience with your family that is completely unique to you. BVI yacht charters aren’t just about getting away for awhile, they’re about spending time growing closer to the people who are most important to you. Additionally, by chartering a yacht, you are providing your kids with an exciting view of the world that just can’t be seen anywhere else. Your kids will get to experience the high seas, water activities, and fun in the sun every single day, and a flawlessly starlit sky and quality time with the family in the evenings. Much like your own favored childhood vacation memories, these memories are sure to last for your own kids, giving them something entirely unique to look back on.

Amazing Onboard Activities!

We always like to emphasize how unique every yacht and crew are. Each have their own strengths that help provide a well-rounded vacationing experience. Onboard activities are a major part of what makes a boat and crew unique, as some may offer thrilling, high-speed watersports while others focus more on relaxation.

kite gear and jet ski

For families with older kids, we offer a wide array of different yachts that prominently feature many exciting things to do while aboard. If watersports interest you, many yachts are fast enough to offer waterskiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and tubing, and are fully equipped to provide each activity at any time. If you’re interested in slower, more exploratory activities, many yachts offer paddleboards, kayaks, and even dinghys, any of which are perfect for exploring the BVI’s countless coastlines and inlets. Of course, many boats offer other activities as well, such as fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and board games.

Aside from these common activities, what you do onboard is only limited by the imagination! You might choose to spend an evening looking up at the stars and identifying constellations, or a day spent stopped-off on some island playing a bit of beach volleyball. How you choose to spend your family time is completely and totally up to you!

We Make Planning Your Family Vacation Easy

Planning a family vacation doesn’t have to be hard! When you book with Regency, you can rest assured, knowing that everything will be taken care of well in advance of your trip. If you’re interested in learning more about yacht charters, locations, boats, or crews, please feel free to contact us at anytime! We would love nothing more than to help you plan your perfect vacation, and we have the insider knowledge on BVI yacht charters that can help you begin your planning process in earnest. We can help you iron out every detail, freeing you from the stress of vacation planning and allowing you to fully enjoy your family trip. No matter your vacation style or specific requests, we can find the perfect yacht and crew for you.

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