Find Perfect Way to Market Your Charter

Our Regency Yacht Vacation staff has been in the business of yacht charter marketing for over 30 years.  Over these years the way in which yachts are marketed has changed dramatically.  While a few of the larger yachts still print large, shiny color brochures, which are mailed via snail mail to interested clients and charter brokers, the reality is that most charter yachts today are promoted through the internet ebrochures and numerous social media outlets.  There are many steps to marketing a yacht for charter, here are a few:


Our first step is to have one of our in-house charter brokers view the yacht, interview the crew, and sample the chef’s creations.  The brokers then assess the yacht, and, keeping in mind the latest market trends, do a market analysis. They then provide the unvarnished facts of condition and marketability of your yacht in the current charter climate, and advise on location, pricing, and any needed improvements or changes that could help you increase charter revenue.

Web Brochure 

Our staff will take photos while viewing the yacht, use existing photos you may provide, or may suggest professional photographs be taken to best showcase your yacht.  The Regency staff will then take care of the technical details or the creation of your ebrochure making sure to showcase the yachts assets, comforts, accommodations, toys, equipment, rates, and crew.  In addition to photographs used, our staff also makes sure that all the yacht’s specifications and details are shown.  This ebrochure will be used by brokers worldwide to offer your yacht for charter to their clients.  After your ebrochure is created and launched online, our staff continually makes sure that any changes of equipment, crew, amenities, and toys are updated in a timely manner.

Central Listings

Yachts represented by Regency are listed in multiple sources including CYA (Central Yacht Agent), CI (Charter Index), MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association), and Yacht Folio in order to provide the broadest coverage possible to the charter brokerage community and charter consumers.  We maintain up-to-date information for owners and crews on our own web site so that information is available 24/7.  Our staff is on-hand to help with unexpected requests and emergencies as they arise.

Booking Desk

The Regency staff follows up on the myriad of administrative tasks like vetting charter contracts, making sure charter deposits are received and accounted for, and making sure your crew has all the proper information about the clients, allowing them to provide that perfect charter vacation that clients will remember and repeat for years.

Charter Yacht Shows

Regency encourages participation in the top charter yachts shows.  This is a wonderful venue for brokers to see first-hand the style and quality of your yacht and crew.  There is nothing in print or on the web that can compare to actually seeing a yacht first hand and meeting and getting to know the crew.  Brokers will remember the boat and the crew long after the show is over.  Your crew may also choose to participate in one of the culinary competitions as well and hopefully bring recognition to the yacht for her cuisine.

Social Media

In this modern age, we take advantage of as many sources of promoting your yacht as possible.  In addition to the ebrochure mentioned above we maintain our own www.rcsfleet.com website for the online network of charter brokers.  This is their quick reference guide to all yachts offered.  We also maintain Twitter, Facebook and blogs in order to tap into all sources of promotion for our yachts.  Our staff also writes and submits articles about chartering, specific yachts, and different destinations to well-known charter industry publications and online magazines. Please call us at 800-524-7676 or email [email protected] if you have questions about how we might help market your charter yacht.