The Bahamas are Calling in 2021

After a long year full of canceled plans, escaping to the Bahamas may seem even more appealing than usual. With the islands planning for full reopening in coming months, there’s no better time than now to start planning your yacht vacation! Here are a few power catamarans in the Bahamas that our team of Expert Brokers are most excited about for 2021.


When you’re looking for a yacht to charter, there is typically something of a classic-to-modern spectrum that every boat exists on. From monohull boats meticulously crafted in old shipyards to sleek luxury vessels with every modern amenity you can imagine, there’s no shortage of possibilities sailing in the Caribbean. What’s less common, however, are those boats that manage to take the best bits from modern luxury and classic style and seamlessly merge them together into a single, unforgettable experience. Enter Ohana.

A powerful motor catamaran, Ohana offers her guests a unique blend of style and performance, creating a sense of indulgence that never feels uptight or uncomfortable. She has 3 sumptuous suites for 6 guests, each with its own ensuite, as well as an additional pullman cabin that frees up space for a 7th guest to join you on your adventure. The main salon’s fine wood finish evokes images of comfortable lounges and wine bars, making for an excellent space to spend evenings with friends and family. Should you decide to spend your evenings under the stars, Ohana’s alfresco dining area is both spacious and relaxed, featuring comfortable decor and plenty of seating. As far as the interior goes though, the real star of the show has to be Ohana’s master suite. This full-width king suite is magnificently appointed, complete with massive windows and gorgeous wood-finish walls and furniture

In the world of charter yachts, even the best boats are only as good as their crew, and the duo, David and Tayla, are about as good as it gets. David has over 10 years of sailing experience, with over 35,000 nautical miles under his belt. Tayla’s hospitality career began with yacht crews off the coast of France, and she has a Level 1 Certification from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust as well as certification from the esteemed Ashburton Cookery School.

Sea Boss

The Bahamas is home to countless unique yachts waiting for their charter, with some even featuring bold custom designs from discerning owners. These custom-built boats often feature additional amenities, increased deck space, or luxurious master suites built specifically to accommodate the owners who use the yacht most. Sea Boss features all three of these amazing qualities and more.

From the prestigious Horizon shipyard, Sea Boss is an even more upscale version of the Horizon 60 catamaran, a yacht that is held in high esteem even before upgrades. Horizon’s attention to detail is on full display in Sea Boss, which boasts a carefully refined and tank-tested hull that guarantees incredibly smooth sailing on every leg of your journey. Looking at Sea Boss from the outside, you can already tell that she’s really something special, as she exhibits sleek, clean lines that impress at every anchorage. Her modern exterior is but a gateway for the masterfully-crafted interior.

Starting in the salon and galley, Sea Boss offers a bevvy of luxuries uncommon in even the upscale world of charter yachts. With rich dark wood floors and walls, this cabin creates a blend of luxury, style, and comfort sure to make you never want to leave. Additionally, Sea Boss offers a huge alfresco dining and lounge area on the back deck, a perfect place to spend your time between outings.

As a custom-build, it’s no surprise that Sea Boss has a main master suite. What’s a surprise is how large it is, the surrounding windows from beam to beam, and its connection to a large ensuite with twin sinks. Without a doubt, Sea Boss’ full-beam master suite is one of the finest we’ve seen in a catamaran this size.

As far as her crew goes, Stu and Hannah have a reputation all their own, owed to their dedication to top-tier hospitality, general sailing knowledge, and persistence in creating an environment perfect for you and your group. Having been sailing for nearly a decade, Stu loves to share his knowledge of yachting and local marine life with guests, sharing his experience with water sports and scuba to ensure a great time for everyone on board. Hannah is a graduate of Ashburton School of Cookery in the UK, and she loves nothing more than creating exquisite cuisine for her guests.

Mucho Gusto

Last but certainly not least is the inspired power catamaran, Mucho Gusto. Of all the yachts we’ve discussed so far, Mucho Gusto is the newest, fresh from a 2019 launch. Also from the Horizon shipyards, Mucho Gusto is part of the Horizon 65 line of yachts, which are designed to offer ample deck space perfect for entertaining and spending quality time with friends and family. Mucho Gusto specifically offers a bright, airy salon that evokes the best parts of the Bahamas purely through design. With sizable windows and comfortable couches, you’ll have a hard time choosing where to lounge. The aft-deck has an alfresco dining area that offers an utterly quintessential experience of dining on the water. This vast deck is uncomplicated in decor and design, allowing the excitement of the experience to completely take over.

Below deck, the suites in Mucho Gusto leave nothing to be desired. Between her Master California King suite, a VIP King suite, and a convertible twin suite, Mucho Gusto’s cabins are nothing less than world-class, with the twin cabin adding a bit of versatility to those looking to charter with family or friends. Each cabin has its own ensuite, with the Master suite offering his and her sinks.

As exciting as Mucho Gusto is, every yacht enthusiast recognizes that the crew is perhaps the most important part of any charter expedition. Mucho Gusto’s crew is a young pair who hail from South Africa; Captain Dominic and Chef/Mate Hannah. These two have been sailing together since they were 21 and 19, respectively, so they know how to work together to build an ideal onboard experience almost innately (something we commonly hear from guests!). These two aren’t just expert crew, they’re hospitality masters, offering an affinity for watersports, fine cuisine, and general zest for life that guests just can’t but share. Dominic began his career on large, 160’+ yachts, before being hired as crew for Mucho Gusto. Chef Hannah has accolades all her own, winning both Best Dessert and Best Designer Water at the 2019 BVI Charter Yacht Show. Her culinary creations are truly something to be experienced.

Setting Sail on Your Yacht Vacation

With all the uncertainty present, planning a vacation may not be the first thing on your mind, but make no mistake: now is the time to plan ahead. Many yachts currently sailing the Caribbean and Bahamas have unexpected availability, even more than they ordinarily might have at this point in the year, so you’ll be far more likely to get exactly what you want from your vacation if you start now.

Our team of Expert Brokers is ready and waiting to help you plan and enjoy your perfect vacation, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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